Sock liner recommendations

Hope everyone’s doing well. It’s got to that bit of the year when my feet refuse to be warm even with fur lined DMs and thick hiking socks so I’m looking for thin sock liners to wear underneath the thick socks but there are so many and I wondered if anyone has any recommendations please? (I bought some merino wool bedsocks and can’t believe the difference they’ve made at night!).
Thanks in advance,
Becky x

Hi Becky, hope are keeping well.
I don’t have recommendations as such but couldn’t believe when I seen your post about cold feet.
My lower right leg and ankle are ice cold always. Neurologist says its something to do with the lesions in my brain not getting the message to the capillaries?
Hope you get nice warm liners soon

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Hi bexhc

I used to have silk under-socks when I was still able to ride motorbikes, they were brilliant, great for added insulation and easy to wash and dry. You might be able to find some on-line or at a local motorcycle shop.


I have exactly the same on the right side. The bedsocks have made a huge difference at night because I think they do help with circulation. It’s so frustrating! x

That’s a great idea, thank you so much! x

I hope you have managed to find some liners.
It is just horrible the things this MS keeps giving us.
Take care