Cold, wet weather clothing

The weather is now on the change & I’m absolutely dreading it! I’ve been affected by the heat of the summer this year but easily cooled down when I went indoors so it wasn’t too much of a problem. The winter & cold weather is very different though, as I really struggle keeping my body temperature up, even indoors when the heating is on I struggle to keep warm & can feel quite ill. My hands, feet & lips go a lovely shade of blue/mauve colour & feel really cold to touch. I’ve had various tests for other conditions but the drs have come to the conclusion it’s a symptom of the MS. Does anyone else have these sort of symptoms? I like to go out & ‘walk’ the dog using my scooter & have got a powered wheelchair to go out shopping but although I wear water proof jacket & trousers both the scooter & wheelchair gets wet & uncomfortable. I can’t afford to get a canopy for the scooter but have been looking at a Simplantex Lined Scooter coat which I thought I could put lots of layers on under - has anyone got one of these & if so would it be good for both my scooter & wheelchair? If anyone has any suggestions how to keep warm when outdoors in the cold/rain etc I’d appreciate your advice.

Many thanks

Last year I bought a down coat. Not a jacket but a calf length one that would keep my legs warm. I bought it from Canada on My thinking was that Canadians ought to know about warm coats. Even though it was really cold last winter it kept me warm on my scooter and wheelchair (I also have Ugg boots which are my winter essential!) Doesn’t help with the wet. I’ve not really solved that one on my scooter but I have a waterproof leg cover on the wheelchair that does the job.


Hi, I have felt the suddenly much colder weather. I now consider we are in winter!

I have put my sandals away and got the fluffy bed socks and granny sheepskin slippers on!

When I am indoors, I wrap up with layers and have a fleecy throw over me, and I still feel cold!

So going out is even worse. I thought about a fleecy sleeping bag for myself, but I worried that I would be able to get out of it in time to go for a wee!

Now that I have an spc and dont need to do that, maybe I`ll get one.

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