Body when cold.

Hi, Earlier my little boy was out playing and I popped out for a few minutes outside to shout him in for his tea. I came back inside as I was shivering standing at the door as its getting pretty cold outside but it noticed I was shivering for 15 minutes afterwards even when inside, I could feel my leg tremors starting so had to sit down. Is this a comman thing to happen with MS in the cold weather? I said to my partner I better get a lovely big snow suit for winter coming if this is how my body reacts with being out in the cold for a few minutes :slight_smile: Polly x

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis before ms. And told at the time I also had a type of raynards. There are quite a few people on here with ms who have problems keeping warm. Invest in some thermal underwear/ gloves/socks and keep your house warm. Don’t go outside even for a few minutes without wrapping up…I think you’ve learnt that lesson now polly yes? Take care

Hi Polly,

There’s a fairly widely-held belief that only heat, not cold, is a problem with MS. However, although heat sensitivity seems the more common, a fair few of us can’t stand the cold. The MS society’s info has only relatively recently been updated to reflect that either can be a problem. It used only to mention heat, leaving the rest of us to think we must be nuts!

I’ve just been looking at thermals and hot water bottles, because I’m already feeling really grim, and it’s forecast to get much colder this week. :frowning:



Yes lesson learned blossom :slight_smile: Polly x

Yes lesson learned blossom :slight_smile: Polly x

i get too hot and spend ages trying to cool down. then go straight into shivering and being really cold.

i told my neuro and asked him if my thermostat was on the blink. he said yeah that must be it.

carole x