Cold Weather- Fingers (bi-laterally) Paralyzed


Does anyone else find that their fingers become useless ice blocks in cold weather?

I can’t hold keys, perform any fine motor movements etc. when my fingers are cold- it’s debilitating until they warm up.

Please say I’m not alone.

*Newly diagnosed but worried they got it wrong and it’s Parkinsons. Clear MRI, no LP yet but due to age they assume it’s MS.

You are not alone if legs and feet get cold and I’m away from house it’s not handy

I had a course of Chinese acupuncture for bad circulation, really worked. Now use a knitted covered hot water bottle in bed, not had cold feet at all this year.

Daytime, wear socks, leggings or jeans with ankle warmers, so don’t freeze daytimes. My cuddly in bed completes the scene. Take care xxx

hi newbie

there are heated gel pads that you can carry with you to thaw your hands.

you’ll have to google them for more details.

hillybilly - cold legs are bloody painful so invest in some sexy (!?) underwear like mine.

knitted leggings from tesco are so cosy underneath loose trousers.

thermal footless tights from lidl are also wonderful.

hope we all keep warm

carole x

Hi Newbie

The cold is as bad as the hot weather for me. My legs wouldn’t work at all the other day and my hands and feet are cold throughout most of the year.

Wendy x


is it raynauds? i have both that and ms. long before ms i was diagnosed the raynauds which was very painful but with ms i cant feel the pain-silver lining and all that jazz!


Hey friends,

No it’s no Raynauds as there’s no discolouration. As soon as I get cold I can feel my body shutting down and my left hand and fingers are just non-operational. My legs and feet are often cold but I can still use them.

My feet sweat quite a bit too, it’s not pleasant. Am I alone in that?

P. x

Cat women carol wonder what mrs hillybilly would say to me appearing in the sexy underwear may enhance the hillbilly look

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My hands are freezing in even mildly cold weather. And I’m dropping things all the time. I sometimes wear gloves in doors, but that makes the butter fingers even worse, more often I park them under my legs, in my armpits, behind my back. I recently saw an advert for some gloves made for arthritic hands. They had sort of little grippy bits all over the palms & fingers. The trouble is that wearing gloves just isn’t a solution, there are too many things that can’t be done wearing gloves (going to the loo springs to mind!)

Just a useless tuppence; I have a bit of Reynauds as well as the MS, and as soon as I touch anything cold (e.g. the ice pack that I use to numb the pre-Rebif injection site, bottle of milk from the fridge) my hands go white and a bit numb, then blue, and it starts getting painful as they return to normal. I’ve always wondered about it… my Dad has Reynauds well and truly… but I’ve known all my life that I was adopted and he’s not my biological father. Unless it’s some kind of sick joke. Quite some co-incidence, so I wondered if it might be related to MS…