Cold fingers and typing

My fingers and thumb have started with numbness and I’ve the sensation that they are icy cold - they aren’t cold to the touch, just the way it seems to me, my neuro has considered other options and thinks that it’s a new area my progressive MS is affecting. So I’m wearing gloves most of the time, which makes it difficult to type, and hence difficult to do my job. I’ve been trying various gloves and the best I’ve come up with is a pair of fine silk glove liners with a pair of warm fingerless gloves over - but it’s still uncomfortable and I need a warm drink to wrap my hands round from time to time.

I’ve not read much about cold fingers as an MS symptom but am satisfied it’s not something else like circulation or repetitive strain. Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to keep their fingers warm while typing?

hi trippyspice

(sounds like a psychadelic curry)

i sometimes sit on my hands to warm my fingers on my hot bum!

my feet are always too hot and my hands too cold.

it’s a strange old thing this ms eh?

carole x

My fingers usually thaw out about May!

I have fingerless mittens which work well for typing. And agree with under the bum for a quick fix thaw. Washing up also works but I try to avoid this option as much as possible!

I’ve just been sat with my right hand under my left arm trying to keep at least one hand warm! Gloves aren’t really the answer indoors.

Thank you for replying you cold fingered lovelies. The joy of washing up is definitely a new discovery, I don’t think my hubby realises why I always tell him “that’s my job!”. Perhaps the perfect typing gloves for me don’t exist but I’ll keep searching and will try the mitts. It’s at least very reassuring to know I’m not alone with the problem.

PS - I was thinking more “not sporty spice” anymore, but a curry sounds a fine idea :slight_smile:

Hi Trippyspice,

Typing this while wearing cashmere and wool wrist warmers, they only have two holes. One for the thumb and one for the fingers so the hands are covered from the knuckles and about 5cms over the wrist up the arm. Fingerless gloves sometimes restrict the fingers, I get Reynaulds so sometimes take nifedipine for circulation. I can sometimes have one hot hand and one cold hand - this MS thing is fascinating. Last night my middle finger was blue but the rest were normal!

Have also tried the neoprene fingerless gloves but they are a bit stiff to type in, but I do use them at the gym.

Look on the bright side, Spring is on its way!

Keep warm,

Jen x