Cold fingers... Any ideas?

Hi everyone Really really struggling with cold fingers. I’m studying for a degree at home and need to be able to write. I’m wearing fingerless gloves but the ends of my fingers are frozen and I can’t hold a pen. The rest of me feels warm, bar my feet, but this is creating a real problem for me. I must be able to write and type so full finger gloves aren’t really an option. Any suggestions? Thanks

Try using a latex glove, like a medical type of glove. You should be able to write in them and that’s an extra layer. It might work, or at least it’s worth a try. You can buy them pretty cheaply. I buy a box from a well known on line retailer for about £6 for 100. (I use them when I’m chopping up chillies or handling meat or anything where it’s easier to take the glove off and throw it away rather than somehow get to the sink without touching anything else.)

Personally I always have cold hands and end up tucking them in my armpits or under my legs, even behind my back to warm the blighters up.

But I don’t have to write. Good job too really. My right hand doesn’t like writing anymore. Except on a tablet (iPad). And even then I am very grateful for predictive text.


Are you seeing colour change in the skin when this happens? You may be experiencing Reynaud’s syndrome and medical treatment with nifedipine or similar could be really helpful. Silk gloves are very warming and sold in outdoor wear shops as a baselayer to wear beneath other gloves.

No they are the same colour but I will mention it at my next Neuro appointment. I do have one blue-tinged foot though! Circulation shot to bits. I love your idea about silk gloves though, and I have latex at home so am going to try that!

I hope you find something to help. Badgers rock! We are lucky to have a sett at the end of our garden, under a hedge that separates us from a park. They are such peaceable, resilient souls beneath a tough exterior with big teeth and claws.

Hi tingly badger,

Yes, I’m with you very cold fingers and toes. Get chilblaines on both. Diagnosed with Reynaud’s syndrome so take Nifedipine in the winter, maybe worth asking your GP. I wear mid calf length sheepskin boots (British ones) as slippers and yes, wear fingerless gloves in the house so I can still can type etc.

Have you tried rubber barrelled pens to write with, better grip.

Good luck with your degree, it’ll will keep your mind active!


As well as rubber barrelled pens, try wrapping elastic bands round them for grip. I do this with pens, pencils and in fact forks too.


Great idea Sue. I put rubber tubing on toe nail clippers and use stylfile nail clippers as they have a scissor action with not much effort.

Lots of ways we try and make our lives a little bit easier.


(I actually carry a fork in my handbag everywhere I go. It’s smaller than most cafe/restaurant forks, so it’s lighter and easier to eat with, and has a thick elastic band round it. I lick it clean, put it back in my bag and wash it when I get home. Ssh don’t tell anyone!)

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