Red marks under toes

Over the last few years I have lots of red/purple sore marks under my toes.As it is more obvious in cold weather I have been assuming it is a type of chillblain. My GP saw my feet today and said she thinks it is vasculitis and I need to put steroid cream on them and ask the MS nurse whether it is MS related. Has anyone else had this? I think I do have soem circulation problems as sometimes the top ends of an individual finger goes completely white and it can be very hard to get teh circulation back into it. It is not obviously cold related. The toes can be very sore to touch, stand on but not all the time

Yes I seem to get these every winter,very painful. Only in the foot of my bad leg. Gap,chiropodist,podiatrist etc all have no ideas what might help. Aromatherapist suggested peppermint oil mixed with carrier oil and massaged into feet might help. I find this fairly useful. I think it must be circulation related as that leg goes really purple sometimes. Good luck,let me know if you find any solutions Sheina

Hi owl,

Sounds like chilblains - I get them on my toes and fingers - despite always wrapping feet and hands up well. Once you’ve got a chilblain if it warms up it will hurt, throb or itch. Usually takes a couple of weeks for mine to go. Be very careful when you put hands and feet into hot water, heating up too quickly causes them. Look up chilblains and read explanation.

White fingers is probably reynaulds - I have that too. was prescribed nifedipine for circulation.

Massage and wrapping up warm might helps. Would be better to live in a warmer climate!!

Keep warm,

Jen x


I get painful toes too. They are now starting to play up again and it’s not even that cold yet .

Last year I did end up with chill blains as I don’t feel the cold as much as I should. They are numb a lot of the time so I just ignore it. I have thermal insoles in my boots and wear woollen socks so thought they should be warm enough. Haven’t had a problem since I was a very young girl and I used to warm my feet up on the hot pipes at primary school.

I was intending to discuss it with my nurse back in February but since my whole foot was playing up by then I had more pressing matters to talk about (went on to have two back to back relapses!). I definitely need to discuss it with her now though as I googled vasculitis and although some of the pictures were extreme there was one picture of a mild case which looks like some of the marks I get sometimes (before the ‘chill blains’ drive me crazy). They appear on the underside of my toes, just little red/purply dots like a large pin head but they are so sore to walk on. I also get callouses now, which I never used to have a problem with. These problems only appear in winter and it’s getting really hard to find comfortable shoes.

I’ve been putting it all down to nerve damage - and I still believe that is a large part of the problem - but it’s becoming more than just a nuisance.

Let me know what your nurse says, and we can compare notes. I won’t see mine until December but I will discuss my feet this time, I promise.

Tracey x