Sore toes....ouch!

Hi all,

My toes have slowly lost their feeling and mobility on my right foot over the last 6 months.

The problem being that they are all swollen and red around the nails and tips of the toe, not blistered, just swollen and extremely painful.

Anyone got any ideas? I stub them quite often on stairs (because of drop foot) or they fold under my foot when I walk barefoot sometimes. Could it be a combination of this and a lack of circulation (always cold, unless I have a hot bath)?

Cheers in advance


Thought of the day: I hope it doesn’t snow

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Mine are a bit like that too. However, they’re not particularly painful but are red and swollen. They often go blue when they’re very cold. I’ve been told my GP that it’s not a problem but he did give me Pentoxifylline which helps a bit.


It doesnt’ look like snow I’m pleased to say.

Its mainly at night I suffer with pain and a feeling like I’ve got debris in my sock.

I will speak to my MS nurse next week if it hasn’t gone.



Hi Nikki,

Same as my left foot. Drop foot, poor circulation, reynauds always cold.

The redness in your toes could be chilblaines, they throb if they get hot. Can’t win.

I take nifedipine for circulation.

Keep your feet warm and rub foot cream in every night, it might help with circulation.



I wonder if rubbing them with a product that generates heat might help with the coldness, Tiger Balm or something like that? I’ve got some of this stuff.

I’ve had it for years and the last time I checked it didn’t seem to be being made any more. Shame because it’s truly amazing stuff, a little goes a VERY long way! Apply too much and you’d have way more heat than you could handle. But there’s similar products out there.

I wondered if the red swelling might be chilblains, it’s certainly what it sounds like, but I know that doesn’t mean much.

Thanks goldrat and jellysundae…

Chilblains had crossed my mind, last time I got them was when I had been hiking across boggy moors in winter (before MS 2007/8), was homeless at the time so my feet were cold and damp all day, then I cooked them by a pub fire for the evening, i had the most amazing blisters (from the chilblains not the fire) a couple of days later.

Sorry, need a whinge:

Oh, I hate what the MS is doing to my body…its like its in every orifice of my life! It stole my feeling in my foot, stole my relationship, stole my ability to run or even walk far, stole my 20/20 vision, stole the abilty to just sit comfortably and be pain free, stole my finer dexterity, stole my concentration etc, etc…

I am meeting someone for the first time for coffee/date tomorrow…ms has also stolen my confidence.

The evil destroyer, I want to try HSCT if thats the best chance I’ve got of stopping this evil all consuming disease in its tracks.


Yep, that gift that just keeps on giving…

I’ve not had chilblains since school, for which I’m extremely grateful because they were HORRIBLE! Made my poor toes itch and hurt when they got warm. My toes went hard they were so swollen, yuk!

And chemist would be able to identify if it is chilblains that’s one bit of your feet problem.