Numb and cold feet


I have been getting numb fingers and pins and needles in my hands then they go cold for around six months now. One speciliast said i had carpal tunnel, i told him i didnt, tests showed surprise surprise that i didnt.

I am getting this now in my feet more and more, they are getting so cold like the circulation has been cut off and go numb. I cant see to keep them warm. In my first relapse i didnt lose the sensation of hot and cold in various areas of my body that have not come back but not in my feet

Just wondered if anyone was having this symptom or had any advice.?

Im just putting on my second pair of thermal socks as we speak :slight_smile:

I have cheap hair driers dotted around my flat which I use on my legs to keep my poorly feet warm.I’ve got a single bed electric blanket tucked around the bottom of my double mattress, and have just bought one of those electric double bootie foot warmer things.

With ‘Handy Hindsight’ I’d have payed more attention to ‘toasty tootsies’,but in my case there is more involved than just poor circulation.You need to be mindful of comfortable footwear,even to the extent of going up a size if you’re wearing lots of socks

Just a few ideas which may help you,



numb feet? i had a bit of glass on mine and didnt realise! that aside-i tried nifedipine but that dilates all things-i was so red faced! so now i keep then warm even tho i have no idea of their temp. they are occassionally blue-reminds me that they are not warm enough! trial and error for me-sorry i can be more helpful. i use my eyes more now than i ever did!

ellie x

Sympathy all round, I even end up with chillblains which is very unpleasant and all they say is keep your feet warm… I have a furry pair of boots/slippers and thermal socks, I look like the ‘Nanook of the North’ but who cares?

Hi, typing this wearing thick fluffy boots and socks and fingerless gloves.

I get very cold hands and feet - got frost nip on one of my toes and didn’t notice (like a black bliser) also get chilblains

on toes and fingers. Solutions - wear lots of layers on feet and hands, even at night. I take nifedipine but as ellie said makes you

look like a tomato, but it works. Rub hand cream into your hands and feet to try and increase circulation. If all else fails -

Drink wine!!! ( in moderation ). Alcohol dilates blood vessels so takes heat away from vital organs, so not recommended as a way of keeping warm.

Jen x

If you are open to accupuncture… My numbness, coldness and tingling in my feet went away after about 3 treatments, I also used it for burning I was getting in legs. I know some people are anti accupuncture due to fears of over stimulating immune system, and other concerns about alternative therapies, but it worked for me in the past so might be worth considering if it is right for you, everyone responds differently I suppose.

Lovely thank you for your suggestions, i will try them all.