White/blue hands ?

hi, sorry for asking more q’s

when I have been standing / walking around for some time my hands go white /blue. If I sit for a bit they go back to a normal. Reduced sensation in my hands & discomfort in arms / shoulders / neck is where things started. It’s just it seems more like a circulation issue which is why I find it strange.

i asked my ms nurse about it & she said she knew of other patients with that issue in feet, but not hands. She said in feet it was due to calf muscle issues. I was just wondering if anyone gets the same or if anyone could explain why ?

My hands get very cold and take ages to warm up again even when I hold something warm. I have to be careful not to touch cold things - even picking up cold cutlery is enough to set them off. My fingers get so cold that my wedding ring actually slipped off a couple of times, I’ve had to stop wearing it because I don’t want to loose it. My feet are just as bad and I often have icy cold toes even in the summer.

Raynauds they would be cold all the time summer and winter they go hellish sore when warmed up I used to have it two pairs off socks summer and winter in bed but since the incident that left me with ppms it’s gone I now have overly toned calf muscles that cause this sensation in my feet at the day’s end .

hiya sarah

yes-one of my issues.

right side has barely any feeling at all resulting in very poor circulation-espec superficial as deeper seems ok (doppler tests etc show this)

i use revitive machine every night and get weekly massages of legs to try and help. recently tried ‘hot stones’ and hope to go for a proper and full session as soon as i am strong enough (struggling for past month)

keep area warm and keep it moving as much as poss!

there are meds to boost circulation but they boost everywhere and i looked like a beetroot. being pampered-who needs an excuse for that?!

take care, ellie

Thank you all for your responses, Yes, I have issues with cold & hot & numbness, but this is about being on my feet, but… Average 12000 steps a day. So I think I can claim to be ‘active’.

logic does not explain. I have learnt that ms & logic can be at odds. Lol

​i think my conclusion is…as ms nurse & you guys can’t explain it in ms terms I need to see gp about it.


I’m recently diagnosed with RRMS and also have Raynauds in my hands & feet - I have only ever thought of these at two separate things that I have at the same time, however reading it from someone else has made me think to mention it to my nurse too! I’ve had Raynauds for a number of years (I’m 29 now and it started at maybe 13 14), but my last ms relapse which was quite bad has left me with permanent numbness especially in my hands. Maybe it is related. Let me know if you find out anything - I’ll do the same x

Thanks Amy, will do

Yes, it’s secondary Reynauld’a. I take nifedipine in the winter. Wear sheepskin boots and fingerless gloves in the house. Stay warm in the snow. Jen

I get raynauds… when touching anything cold, I end up with multicoloured hands as they go bright white, then blue/purple and numb. My Dad also suffers - not my biological father, I’ve always known that I’m adopted, and it’s never bothered me. Does make me wonder sometimes if there’s something they haven’t told me… but hey, can’t worry about everything!

Cold toes!! I am trying everything this winter. First of all had a devil of a job to find warm socks that are loose fitting around the ankle. Now ordered alpaca socks after hearing a mention on Countryfile. We’ll see. Using a heated wheaty bag in the evening. Using the Revitive machine to help circulation - which it does, but STILL afterwards my toes are blue!! I’ve felt them being zapped but they are still cold to the touch. And this is me with heating set at 20, socks, slippers, warm PJ’s, dressing gown and fleecy blanket. Oh yeah, no shame here!!!

hiya rd

the revitive is NOT a heat setting-its a pulse setting, i do 44 for half an hour but it all dependant on whats comfy for you.

merino wool bootees-best thing ever!


Oh I know what it is. Just trying to improve the circulation to improve the cold feet. As I use a wheelchair, even my venturing out doesn’t move my feet! And all exercise classes and swimming trips are off, till the big freeze is over!

  • Oh the joys.I have suffered as well for a long time with these symptoms .when I told my doctor she said “oh it is cold today”.just never answered her
  • .yet when I went for an operation recently the prep nurse noticed them and said it seemed to be what you ate saying.they were so bad they wouldn’t even put those horrible stockings on me before the operation
  • Yes!you have guessed it it was never mentioned again.I have been left to feel a right silly &$ end result is "it’s. Minus 8 here today on Scotland so I’m in bed with duvet ,thermal socks,heating on at 25 and I’m thinking of hibernating till at least May

I had to chuck out socks that looked good in the shop and yet turned out to be cutting my ankle off! Gentle grip has proved good for every day wear. Thats what I’m seeking NOT bed socks. Day wear that doesn’t look like my granny. I may be 60, but I have my pride!

Still waiting on the alpaca socks - and Sssssue these are 100% wool, so I’ll let you know when they arrive.

these are just the gentle grip ones, they do more

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