Bad Circulation

Hi all,

Does anyone else suffer with bad circulation ?

My hands & lower arms sometimes go blue & bright red, as does my nose and are very cold to the touch, its very embarrassing at times when in the company of others. Is there a connection to curculation and MS and what medication if any can be prescibed?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is an interesting one Dave.

I didn’t used to think there was a connection, but I was reading a book which was email conversations between a group of American women with MS, and one of them talked about having red & blue legs. She had asked her neuro about it and he said it was connected to MS. Something about the nervous system not sending the right messages to the capillaries.

Since then I have noticed a few posts on this forum saying the same thing… red a blue colouring to different parts of the body and feeling cold to the touch.

So it seems that it could well be an MS thing for you.

You will find that sometimes we can work out an MS connection but your neuro or MS nurse won’t necessarily agree. I think all MS health professionals should have to read this forum every day as part of their contract!

But it would be worth asking in case there’s something that could help. I’m trying to think if I know of anything, but nothing comes to mind. Might be worth posting on EL to see if anyone knows something that’ll help.

Pat x

Hi, my feet and legs are often very cold to the touch, but not always feeling cold to me.

But I was concerned a bit back and saw my GP. She sent a nurse to do a dopplar test…this measures the circulation.

Mine was fine, but if it hadnt been, I dont know what the next step woudl`ve been.

Why not ask about dopplar testing?

luv Pollx

Thanks Pat & Poll :slight_smile: I did ask my GP & Nurse about it and all they said was … (nothing) !!! They seemed to avoid it and start talking about something else :frowning: Maybe they just see it as a side effect from smoking & drinking (causing bad circulation), I’ll defo ask about a Dopplar test now :slight_smile: Thanks