Vascular surgeon visit!!

I wonder if anyone can help me…I am off to see a vascular surgeon on Monday as the circulation in my legs is only 75% of what it should be. I suffer from icy cold legs and feet. I know it’s because I am virtually immobile but does anyone know what might happen?? It’s not as if I can start doing exercise (if only!!!) I am getting more and more anxious… Thanks for reading Linda

Hi Linda, I also have that problem, as I too am immobile.

Dont know what theyll do, but I`ll be watching for your follow up post.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, I will let you know what happens!! love Linda x


l have icy hands/legs feet - but my face and head is always hot - l always have rosy red cheeks - and not the ones l sit on! Which is why l am very interested in the CCSVI theory - blood flow restriction which might cause ms symptoms. l went to a vascular radiologist for a doppler ultra-sound scan - and it was confirmed that indeed - l do have blood flow restriction in my right jugular. But - as you know it is very difficult to get treatment if you have MS. All down to medical politics. But as your GP is sending you specifically for the blood flow circulation - it will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

So many of us on this forum - with ms - suffer from this problem - usually called Raynaurds Disease.

The doppler ultra-sound is very simple to do - and completely painless. Similar to the ultra-sound scan you have when pregnant - a blob of icy cold gel - then the scanner is passed over you - on your neck - and possibly they will do your legs in case to check blood flow there.

Let us know how you get on.


Thanks for your reply…I have had the Doppler test on my legs which showed that my circulation was .70 in right leg and .77 in left!! I will let you know what happens on Monday!!! :wink:

Update on appointment!!! Well that was a bit of an embarrassment…consultant repeated the Doppler test and said there was nothing wrong with my circulation and the icy legs/swollen feet are a MS issue!!! He said the nurse obviously hadn’t done the test correctly and her readings were wrong!!! Good news in that there’s nothing wrong with circulation and my feet won’t drop off!!! That’s 1 less appointment to have to worry about, now just the urologist to see!!! Love Linda x

Oh that`s good news Linda. Honestly we are truly at the mercy of inept medical professionals sometimes.

luv Polllx