When my M.S. Nurse made a home visit she said she didn’t like the colour of my toes and feet, the upshot was she spoke to my GP who arranged for me to be seen by a Vascular Consultant. I went yesterday and now have to have a scan of my legs and stomach, I had a Doplar Test done yesterday and the Consultant wasn’t very impressed with the result. My question is has anyone else had anything like this and if so what was the outcome??

I have the added problem of having Inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis and taking DMARDS drug Leflunomide.

Yep, I went to the docs about my feet as MS nurse thought they’re a funny colour but didn’t think it was circulation, Dr has ordered doplar having that on 9th. I have been to the doc several times but this is a new Dr. I had a fall over 2 years ago and my foot (left in particular) has been a problem ever since, even though nothing broken, the doctor? at A&E told me ‘you don’t lose sensation with MS’ so what hope is there, he asked me how I fell, I couldn’t feel my feet, which was when he made his pronouncement. We will see. What colour are your feet? mine are deep purple and pink, but not all the time. Doctor was surprised to find that although my feet feeel cold to her, to me they are burning.


I have poor circulation in feet and hands - raynauld’s syndrome. Was put on nifedipine.

Most of the time my feet and hands are freezing cold and funny shade of red or blue.

Let me know what happens with Doppler tests.

keep warm, Jen x

l went for a doppler ultrasound test - nearly two years ago - l did it because l wanted to know if l had CCSVI. The results showed that l do have restricted blood flow through my right jugular. BUT because l have MS - the vascular surgeon was not allowed to treat me. l have freezing cold hands/legs/feet but bright rosy warm cheeks [face -that is]. lts time things changed. So your post sounds a bit more hopeful. l too have one purplely blotchy leg.Perhaps its time l went back to the GP and ask for further tests. l had to pay for the doppler test myself - lt was £126 - bit different from the Essential Health Clinic.

Hope all goes well for you.


Thanks for your replies, my toes/feet are purple and freezing cold. The Consultant said I must wear warm socks all the time to try and keep the feet warm. I have the scans on the 20th this month.

How do some of these people ever qualify? Terrifying!

Karen x

yes I too have this problems with my feet and legs, they go from freezing to to red hot, with this they change colour, went to my GP about circulation, see tested me, her findings, my circulation is fine, now my former neuro put this down to nerve pain, for which I take Gabepentin, hope this helps, Jean x

Hi Karen, only just seen your post, Yes it is quite terrifying living here generally (for medical services) and yesterday I got a phone call frfom the surgery cancelling the apt for the 9th and rearranged for 28th, they have nurses off sick…not really my problem is it? I think they really should have plans for this scenario - like agency nurses perhaps…really is hopeless. Even when I told the, doctor?, at A&E yes you do lose sensation, he shook his head ‘no’ and rolled his eyes, my son had taken me and he is not that clued up about MS but even he was amazed at his conclusion!

Alison x


Me too. I take Adipine 10mg x 2 which seemed to help to begin with, but a couple of hours before the next dose my feet are blotchy. Freezing cold hands and feet are a sign of Reynard’s Disease which is what the drugs were prescribed for. My father had Reynards before drugs were available and suffered damage to his heart. Advice is check it out. Never heard of the doppler test so I should heed my own advice.

Allodynia is pain induced by cold which my Rehab consultant has said I suffer from and I have just had a sympathetic block which seems to be helping with this. Not sure how these two problems fit together or not. It would be nice to have all round care for the whole person instead of the bit by bit scenario of the last 15 years.

I hope that you get chance for a good discussion and the relevant medication or procedure to help you.



The classic that happened to me was a couple of months after my LP, but before I had the results. I had a weird episode in a comedy club in London involving blacking out, being rescued by a friend from the toilet cubicle (she had to climb over - I couldn’t see or move) and throwing up a lot. Anyway, I ended up being taken to hospital in an ambulance; the paramedics and the A&E staff all thinking I was drunk and being really nasty to me. The fact that I was completely lucid and not remotely drunk didn’t seem to occur to them (I’d had two pints of lager in more than 3 hours). When I was telling the doctor about what had happened, I forgot to tell him about being tested for MS so when the nurse came in, I told her. She said (nastily), “What are you talking about?!” I told her that I had had MRI scans and an LP but hadn’t got the results yet. She said, in a disgusted sneer, “Lumbar punctures are for meningitis!” and flounced out of the cubicle! She also didn’t tell the doctor, who decided that I’d had a panic attack. Yeah, sure, going to the loo is terrifying. Needless to say, I discharged myself pronto - by walking out.

I wonder how many other stories there are like yours and mine? Loads, I bet. Depressing.

Karen x

I do have quite a few more, the most recent from a neuro physio (apparently) who told me I didn’t need my stick, it’s just ‘lack of confidence’ My neuro and MS nurses (lucky me I see 2!) do completely disagree with that and have to say it makes a change for somebody to roll their eyes on your behalf! lol

Alison x

Iam sorry i did not see this siye till now, and reading the problems caysed due to poor circulation makes me gringe as i now personally what it’sw like, but know its a wholr new ball game. Looking up site re Circulation has helped me immensley, no drugs involved just the right foods and i am feeling better. And telling the nurse and doctor it went over there head.

I am so embarressed, shocking typing. Thats what happens when one is doing to many things at one time. Hoping you can understand what i tried to say.