Evening everyone Just wondering if anyone else has Raynauds? Just found out that I have it. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope long term with the cold feet and hands. Does anyone have pain in their feet when they are cold? I find that worse than cold, numb feet. Look forward to hearing any tips ! Thanks Martina

Hello Martina.

I have a form of Raynards. My rheumatologist told me when I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2007.

My hands and feet are always cold, even in summer I can have days when I need to wear socks at night in bed.

I too get pain and numbness in my feet when there cold. Also get pins and needles now with the MS and a feeling like I have sticky tape under the soles of my feet…weird.

You just have to make sure you keep warm. Matalan do a good range of thermal underwear…leggings, tights etc.

Get yourself some thermal gloves and socks.

I also do flexing excercises on my feet and fingers when I’m sat relaxing…helps with flexibilty and blood flow.

Take care, Noreen

Thank you Noreen! Started to think I was mad with this !