Hello everyone

Does anyone else suffer from Raynauds ?? just been told i suffer from/with it…i can only guess its associated with ms?

been told just stay warm, its only the one leg so far :slight_smile: the docs say it’s just something you have to deal with, no fix, just wear 2 Pair of thin socks, and not 1 heavy pair !!

Also, does any one have pain. especially when your foot/feet are freezing ?

thanks in advance

I have it (in limbo) and told same as you and yes I have a lot of pain with it due to the freezing sensation I could cut my toes off and be in less pain I think Axx

Hi Martina, I have purple toes on my left foot which go back to normal when the foot is elevated (in bed or on a footrest) or i wiggle it around alot. My foot is very cold too. I think Raymalds can be seen with most autoimmune conditions including athritus. I don’t have pain in the foot , just its a bit uncomfortable sometimes. I’m wearing one thin pair of socks and also one thick knitted woolen pair. I massage the toes and that helps. a bit Take care of yourself xx

Me too, both of my feet/toes go purple and i also get chilblains on both feet in winter.

Thank you all for your feedback! bring on the sun and heat hehehe x

Hi, thanks for this Martina it has prompted me to find out what my blue toes might be and I thnk mine are not Raynolds. The neuro said he didn’t think i had Raynalds and it must be something else. Acrocyanois is a close relation to Raynolds but not the same thing. My toes when seated or sitting are blue and cold, but return to normal when warmed.


DefinitionAcrocyanosis is a decrease in the amount of oxygen delivered to the extremities. The hands and feet turn blue because of the lack of oxygen. Decreased blood supply to the affected areas is caused by constriction or spasm of small blood vessels.