does anybody suffer with raynauds aswell as ms?

fully diagnosed in nov2014 and have since developed secondary raynauds anybody else suffer with this too?

l think many of us do - my fingers go white with cold even in the summer.

yup, me too, it kicked in about 2 years ago. i hadn’t previously realised what a pain in th ar$e it was! it feels, to me like loads of parallel paper cuts on each finger pad and like all the fluid in your fingers has turned to thick mud… delightful. nice to have a whine with other people who’re living with the joys of MS though. unfortunately, you need to use your finger tips all the time, so taking gloves off and on isn’t practical. i’m currently pretty much living in fingerless gloves, which sounds counterintuitive, i know, but it takes less time to ‘thaw’ out my fingers. i always seem to have my hands round my neck for warmth, too. it feels similar in my feet as well, but they’re easier to keep warm.

wendy x

it started in my left foot, it gets extremely cold and my toes go bluey black reminds me of the look of a dead persons foot at times also get it in my fingers. told my ms nurse over the fone my symtoms she sent me sum info and starred secondary raynauds. in my job working at a computer in a betting shop its not like i can wear gloves etc all the time nither . gets very uncomfortable especially in my foot feels like its encased in block of ice very hard to get it to warm .

i’m sure my ms nurse said that in all the years she has been seeing people she has only delt with a hand full of people who have this and ms, i don’t know? well i wasn’t to impressed with my first visit with her anyways but bring on the next one lol x

I have a left foot that goes cold and purple, purple toes and rest of foot. It returns to normal colour when the foot is raised, like laying down. It’s a condition called Acrycianosis which is a sister to Raynunds but not the same. It’s to do with restricted blood flow and is apparently more cosmetic than anything but the foot feels very very cold and uncomfortable. I use thick socks with a layer of thin socks under. Walking around often and massaging my foot helps. It’s apparently fairly common in MSers.

I have it too ! on my nipples !! apparently very rare in MS . My GP / Neuro obviously know about reynaulds but said it’s rare.

It’s damn sore - didn’nt even get it I was pregnant or after the birth !!!


Yes I have MS and Raynauds - typing this wearing fingerless gloves and thick British made Uggs! Worse on the left hand side of body which is strange.

I take nifedipine 3x per day in the Winter. To dilate my blood vessels. Seems to work for me.

(alcohol dilates your blood vessels too but cannot be prescribed)

Keep warm.

Jen x