Raynauds and m.s

Anyone had raynauds? I’m not sure i have but the soles of my feet keep going yellow in places, stay like that for a bit them go red and finally back to normal colour. Is there a link between raynauds and m.s? It’s not painful but just weird. X

My mum’s got Raynaud’s, but not MS.

It can occur independently of anything else (primary Raynaud’s) or as a complication of another condition (secondary Raynaud’s) - including, sometimes, I think, MS.

My mum gets burst blood vessels in her fingers. She also occasionally gets them in her eye, which is very frightening, as the whole eyeball goes bright red, and looks like something out of a horror film. She’s never reported them as painful, or affecting her vision (despite the gross appearance, I think the capillary that has broken is actually quite tiny) - she only knows it’s happened when she catches sight in the mirror (or one of us screams: “My God, Mum, what happened to your eye?”



I was told i had raynauds when i was 13, also suffered with the cold and blood flow problems in the wrist which were very painfull. I was diagnosed with MS at 21, i have since learnt this is very common to have both, My Dr thought that it is MS and not raynauds.

Hi I have both MS & Raynauds and know of quite a few with MS that have it too, bothmy hands & feet go white when cold almost corpse looking. when they finally start to warm up I get bright red/purple patches in places that are really painfull, usually takes about 40mins before they go back to normal but then I’m left with painful pins and needles!! Sue

I just get like patches of white on my feet, like when you press on your feet but don’t let go if you know what I mean…they do it when cold but at random times too. Should I see the doc or is there little point? X

Hi Lisalou,

Yes, I have MS and secondary reynaulds. My hands and feet go a lovely shade of purple. Toes go white sometimes too. They are both autoimmune problems so maybe a link.

Legs have a lovely corned beef effetct, blotchy red! (google it and you’ll laugh). I also get chilblaines on toes and fingers. Think you’ve got a nice picture of what I look like in the winter.

I am prescribed nifedipine which helps and I wear lots of layers and gloves. Just bought myself some Just Sheepskin boots. (British Uggs ) wear them in the house.

Roll on the summer - but not too hot or I’ll flake out!!

Jen x