Raynaud's phenomena

Does anyone diagnosed with MS ( or FND) experience this symptom?

My fingers turn white and cold quite often.

I tried to attach a picture but don’t seem to be able to…

Yes Sarra, I’ve had it a long time now. I was prescribed some meds for it, but to be honest, they give you very hot flushes & I used to glow!!! very uncomfortable & I was very conscious of it. My Dr is a very keen alternative medicine advocate, he suggested Starflower supplements 1000mg. I’ve been taking them for quite a few years now & I cannot explain the effects, but they do seem to have improved it a little, I’m of that age as well, & hot flushes are under control, hopefully!!! Tracey x

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for your reply. May I ask if you have na MS diagnosis?

For me this happens more often in cold weather and it has not been a very big problem so far and I think for now I will try to go on without medication. I have no diagnosis yet ( just cause unknown/possible MS or NFD) but I am trying to make a list of organic symptoms for my next visit to a neurologist and I wondered whether this symptom could be attributed more to MS ( as a proof of nerve damage) or NFD.

That is great that you have a doctor who is a believer in alternative medicine. I too, try and focus on healing naturally before I decide to go on any medical treatment. I follow Whal’s protocol; diet and feel very well on this ( although my symptoms continue regardless of the diet). Is your alternative medicine doctor also a neurologist?

Hi Sarra,

Yes I have SPMS and Rayaud’s. Have always had very cold feet since I was 3. It can be linked to MS. They call it secondary Raynaud’s. Results in chilblanes on my toes and fingers ouch.

I take Nifedipine in the winter, gives me a lovely glow.

J x

I do get it a bit… but I’ve always had it, not since MS came into the picture. Don’t take any meds or anything, it’s just something I put up with. Not something that’s worrying me at the moment - it’s roasting out there, and I am quite happy indoors with the fan on!

Hi Sarra, GP not a neurologist. About the diet, I don’t endorse it, I am a dietitian. It’s too strict & should only be followed for a short period of time. There is no conclusive evidence to say it works. My advice is to have a healthy diet, 80/20 so basically you behave most of the time, but you are allowed some treats some of the time. Personally I think denying yourself won’t work in the long run & I’m sure you will have lost weight. Just be careful with it xx

Thank you very much to all of you for your replies.

It is good to hear how other people are coping with the symptom. For now I decided not to take any medications for this as I believe it is not very severe so I don’t want to bombard my body with pills. However - I don’t think I mentioned that - I work with my hands (am a graphic designer) and rely on my hands ( mostly right hand) for work. If my right hand is out of order than I will have a problem. Anyhow, I will keep in mind that there is medication available for this - thank you Tracey. x

Regarding the Whal’s Diet - I am sure there were posts about this diet before but just in couple of words. I actually feel great on this diet ( I am doing Wahl’s Paleo, not Wahl’s Paleo Plus - Ketogenic). I genuinely never felt better while eatting any food. I cut out sugar, gluten, diary and most of the grains. But yes, occasionally I will have some hummus, rice or honey etc. I make my own sugar free sweets like chocolate, ice cream, cookies and even vegan bred from time to time. And with hand on my heart I need to say that this diet works great for me. I have no cravings, I am not hungry, I can eat ( and I do!) a lot and don’t put on weight.

It was difficult at the beginning, with over 8 months of constant carbohydrate cravings and sugar cravings but after around 6/months my body ‘switched’ and started craving greens, salads, fish and fruit. What I get now instead of sweet cravings is spinach or kale cravings :slight_smile: I suppose this is a good thing.

I was never a big believer in diet, probably because I never had any knowledge of nutrition and food, and it was a friend of mine who suggested I try with Wahl’s diet. I was sceptical for a while but then decided to give it a go. And I don’t regret, on the contrary.

It was suppose to be short - sorry! - but just a last note to say that I also tried Dr Wahl’s Plust ( ketogenic version of her diet) and I felt terrible on this. Was sick from eating all this fat and my body was craving vegetables and fruit. Clearly it was not for me.

I wonder what kind of diet/lifestyle do you follow Tracy? You must have extensive knowledge on nutrition being a dietician.

I’m not bad on the healthy diet advice, unfortunately I am not good at following it. I do eat healthy (most of the time) but I do like my Gin, a lot. I’m glad the diet works for you, but you are cutting out dairy products & you have said your symptoms persist. I would be concerned about the vital nutrients you are omitting from your daily intake B12, calcium etc. Does this mean you are having to supplement your intake? To me, although the diet is basically a healthy approach, it is missing certain components needed for maintenance & repair of the body’s cells & functions. In my opinion, if you have to supplement, with supplements, then it may be defeating the object. I do not promote any processed foods, or diets high in sugar, although if a diet is healthy most of the time, the odd lapse is acceptable & will not cause harm, as long as it is only now & again. My diet was extremely healthy, but I have MS anyway. If you are happy following the diet that’s good, but I am dubious about it being the answer to reversing it. If that was the case it would be very well advertised & advocated by MS specialists, more research is needed. Tracey x