Cold weather makes symptoms worse

I have been for a ride on my mobility scooter and wrapped up warm, hmmmm not warm enough, my finger ends were numb and toes almost dropped off, all this lead to me having temporary double vision. I filled 2 hot water bottles up when home and as i THAWED OUT my double vision disappeared.

Has anyone else experienced this ?

Yep. I can’t let myself get too cold or the vision is the first thing to go.

Hi, yeh, as a full time wheelchair user, I do feel the cold and wrap up well indoors and out!

I just bought some great mittens from The Range…thermo something. £13 and the best investment ever! So toasty!

Some days my legs and feet dont warm through till the next day!


Ahhhh good idea ( thermal gloves) .
It all took place yesterday, i was having a lovely ‘walk’ with my mobility scooter, the sun was out but brrrrrrrr cold. The ‘walk’ started ok but considering i was just SAT for over an hour i was frozen to the bone ( the only part of me that was moving was my right hand operating the lever on the scooter ,)

Sooooo, by the time i got back to car, my left eye was HORRENDOUS DOUBLE VISION and it didnt right itself until i had warmed up ( via 2 hot water bottles)

Thank you for all replies

Understand completely, whilst I’m still on my feet with my MS, I do have to wrap up very warm as I feel the cold gets through my bones, really hate the winter frost

I like walking but find my feet go numb instantly, I found some microwave slippers on Amazon which work a treat when I come in.

The cold weather definately makes my ms symptoms worse. I experience increased stiffness and numbness etc .

Really hot weather effects me as well, …so i cant win really !! oh well , we have to laugh I suppose :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for your replies.

Much appreciated

well not being funny but ANYONE going on it really cold temperatures on a scooter whether with MS or not is going to feel cold. The reason is we are not burning energy just sitting on a scooter with cold air blasting at us lol.

wrapping up warm is essential for sure. When i used to go out in the snow and cold on my scooter i was wrapped up like an eskimo lol.

I find to be honest the cold air when I am moving about or walking a little say to pick up doog poop helps my spasms and stiffness. The heat makes me worse, but i still dont like cold when sitting on scooters etc as it bites through you. The cold can affect the eyes for sure.

1: Excessive tearing: The wind and cold winter air can make some people’s eyes tear excessively. This can cause blurry vision . If the excessive tearing is the result of being in the wind, you can do the following: Wipe your eyes carefully with a clean cloth or tissue.

SO might not even have anything to do with MS.

I used like a wheelchair cosy you put your legs in fleece and outer wear is waterproof, thermal gloves, coat and also hat. In the end my husband got me a scooter cover bliss. No more cold wind lol.

BUT WRAP UP WARM sitting in the cold is not good for us so we must make sure we are wrapped up properly. x

Crazy_Chick you are absolutely right stupid me never thought, it affected my left eye proper bad horrendous double vision it wasnt till afterwards that i thought ARE YOU MAD ??? ( answer was yes lol )

Well, as they say, you live and learn hahaha.

Thank you for your reply …

I hear you… spring and autumn I have ‘better’ days. I’m floored with fatigue, pain, stiffness and sensory issues in the hot and cold months.

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Thank you.

Whoaaaa in hot weather i am absolutely floored, zapped.
Last year it was horrendous wasnt it!
I have never ever wished for cooler temperatures but last year i was, ive had my A/C fixed in my car just incase THIS year is another scorcher and im going to buy an A/C unit …

We live and learn.

Thank you again for your reply