Coping with the cold

Had to have a new battery on my car, due to using heaters, window wipers & lights more. Spent some time in the cold & I struggled to get back indoors, because my body went into spasms. I just couldn’t stop shaking.

Heating on, hot fan blower, electric blanket & a hot drink. Everything calmed down, so I did a few stretches & exercises to get the body working. Having MS in the bitter cold can be chaos if not kept in check. Wrap up warm folks, it’s getting chilly out there.

Gloves, body warmer & scarves at the ready. Prepping for turmoil when needed.

Phone numbers of reliable helpers & plenty of hot treats.

Don’t get stuck in a cold situation.

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Hi puddle I am the same can’t stand to be cold or hot when out with car I ,are sure I have extra jacket warm hat and gloves

Keep car in good nick try not too go away with car when weather is bad snow etc .

Look after yourself folks and each other .

How strange we are.

It’s heat wot does for me. I’m bi-thermal. Top half warm with legs of ice. Normal feet; if you can call my size tens with battered toes due to cavalier wheelchair driving, normal.

Outside, I’m a rain magnet. Going to see my Rose in her nativity was planned to the last degree. But I didn’t order the rain to greet me off the bus.

Stay cool, sorry, warm.

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I felt so cold after being put this morning, I’m still struggling to get warm , I thought I was well wrapped up and didn’t really feel the cold when I was out but now i cant stop shivvering im on the sofa with my heated throw. I think I got damp because of the rain even though I had an umbrella and blanket. That’s the problem with being in a wheelchair, because of not walking we feel the cold more. Frazer hates the rain , he’s not happy because he got wet.

I prefer Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Aren’t we lucky.

Just prep accordingly & everything will be okay.

After going to the Christmas MS Society dinner yesterday. I’m glad to be eating good healthy food & drinking my Iodine.

It’s exercise time. Keeping that circulation going, to stop blockages.

They are what cause, the system shutdowns. Some ones been flushing stodgy crap again. Keeping active flow, is the way to go. Shades in the sun & gloves in the snow. Who knows where we’ll end up, before we kick the bucket. Keep kicking!

Greetings hillybilly. I hope you’re well out there. My latest car issue was getting a puncture & it was so cold. I had to use the healthy part of my brain to figure that one out. It’s also a reminder of how helping others out of situations is because we are resilient & a magnet for freeloaders. Keep trying to do things yourself as long as you can folks. It’s a whole new ballgame relying on others.