Trying to be fashionable

I thought I would treat myself too some new clothes for the summer,bought one of those cold shoulder tops yes a top with holes in the shoulders and waterfall cardigan the ones that’s longer at the front than the back, trying to be trendy but be warned.

I wore my new top Tuesday went out to the garden centre lovely sunny day had afternoon tea outside in the coffee shop yes you can picture it sunburnt square patches on both arms ,didn’t even think about them put sunscream on face and lower arms didn’t go past elbows got a top I will be fine,very sore,first lesson.

New cardigan Friday cover up the sunburn looks lovely really pleased,trapped it in the oven door as the front dangles down when you bend , so thought be careful with that in future, then I go for a wee and I manage to dangle the front down the loo, not sure how I managed that . So today both items washed and put in the charity bag .

So today I thought just stick to your old faithfulls spotted a top hadn’t worn it for ages I remember why now you know sometimes you get an item of clothing that no matter how hard you try it always gets dirty within an hour toothpaste then butter from me toast. I can’t bring myself to throw this top away must have had it 15 years bought it in New York so brings back some happy memories.

So tomorrow I am going to wear one of those paper suits they wear at crime scenes see how I get on .

Love to all Katy


Brilliant xx

Gave up even trying to be fashionable many moons ago, but I admire your efforts. I too am of the see sun and burn variety so sympathise, but you can still be miss fashionista when the patches recover, so no need for pathologist suit just yet. Keep spilling the toothpaste etc xx

Hi, enjoyed your post!

Im going on 65...eek! cant believe its me I`m talking about…but I like long, assymetrical tops and cardies, to cover my outside plumbing!

When going out, I really make an effort with clothes, make up, hair and jewellery, but if the bowels start rumbling, off come the cardi, the jewellery, even the ballet pumps, cos otherwise, they could all end up down the loo!!!

It`s a chuff, innit?


Oh Katy,

Not a good day.

No buttons or zips for me. Even jeans and trousers have to pull on over my hips.

We should have a fashion forum for accessible clothing and comfy shoes!!

Jen xx

Let me kick off with where I buy stuff…

Simply Be…catalogue, no up front payment…try on at home. They do bigger sizes.

Yours…shops in some towns… Huddersfield for me. Again, bigger and younger fashions.

I wear wide leg trousers…elastic waists, but if they feel tight for my spc, I cut a v shape out and insert jersey fabric. If it looks a chuff, no matter! Baggy tops cover it!


What’s fashion? If it’s stretchy trews and long tops, then I must be fashionable.


Whatever we wear, we HAVE to be comfy.


how ridiculous is this?

in my last attempt to be young and trendy () i bought some of those ripped jeans.

they don’t look bad but i have to be careful in the sun cos one leg has a ladder down it.

and my jeremy corbyn t-shirt! i gave it to my son after polling day.

it would be great if we could all meet up, preferably being picked up and dropped back at home!

carole x

Simply Be has shops in some towns. The Merry Hill shopping centre has a branch next door to Jacomo. They may be the same company. There’s also a branch of Yours there.

As far as clothes for larger ladies is concerned, my local shopping centre has a branch of Evans and a branch of Yours. The clothes in Evans look dated compared to Yours. In fact, I do most of my clothes shopping at M&S or Yours these days.

As for shoes, I’ve had a preference for slip-ons for some time. I was given an orthotic ankle support last year, so I had to invest in shoes with velcro fasteners. Hotter is a good shop for those.

I have never tried to be fashionable and it’s a bit late to start now. Having said that, Hubby recently persuaded me to try a strapless bra and off-the-shoulder top. They looked and felt great! I also ordered some sandals and a female shop assistant​ said that she would have tried them on if they’d been her size. I must have been at least twenty years younger than her! I’m a bit old to be a trendsetter!

you’re only as old as the man you feel!

so feel a younger man.

i’m over tired and talking nonsense again, sorry.

carole x