Hip Hip Hip Hooray

the sun has got it’s hat on and it’s coming out to play.

hope you are all enjoying the summer

carole x

This is beautiful weather Carole but I hope it doesn’t get any hotter as I cannot cope with it past 24 or 25 Celsius. Teresa xx

i’ve been very good at remembering to put factor 20 on so i havent burnt but i’ve got a healthy glow.

i’m not good when it gets too hot, and totally rubbish if its humid as well.

but this week as been perfect.

pub tomorrow methinks!

carole x

I am with Teresa, good thing I live in Scotland, yesterday struggled through today is cloudy and what a difference, you know I must have been bad in a previous life, the only thing is cant remember it, saying that it is nice to see the sun, but if it stays cloudy will get more done