Hi folks,

To all the people that are having problems,not feeling to good,having problems with appeals,and many more.I realy feel for yous,and if i could help you i would.

Just thought i would tell you a little of my day,had the youngest grandson for an hour or sow,this morning,but was glad when his mum came for him, nearly 3 and a lot of energy.

Then to top it of the Sun was shing all afternoon,managed to go out and sunbath for 3 twenty mins at a time,it was lovely not sure why 20 mins at a time but seem to remember that after this you just burn.

Up here in Scotland we dont get a lot of Sun so made the most of it.

For that hour or so my MS took a bit of a back seat [and was not missed]

Seemed to remember that someone on this forum bought a sunbed,would like to no if it is helping long term.Also people that have bought sunlamps in the long term did they help.

If i could make this Groundhog day i would.

Hope tommorow is a good day for us all.

With that i will leave you.

Take Care All.



Yes Chris - l have a sun-bed. lt is fixed to go over the spare bed - you have to turn over to 'cook' the other side. l do not like lying on my front - so to-day l managed to get it out of the spare-room and with the help of my daughter we have put it in my walk-in wardrobe -[ sounds posh - but really its an excuse to chuck everything in and close the door on it]So now l have it in the upright position so that l can stand in front - and swizzle round to do my backside. l shall have to cover up all the clothes rails in case they all get sunbleached.  The heat from it gets right into your bones - love it.

lt was only an old ex-hire bed so quite cheap to buy.  Didn't fancy going to a sunbed shop - l can just imagine getting stripped off and putting the disc in to start - then wanting the loo - story of our lives.