A little ray of sunshine

Hi everyone, today is day 2 of Rachael feeling pretty good. We have had 2 days of positive feeling and a bit more enthusiasm and energy. Been to gym twice this week already, showered herself twice this week too. I thought it only fair that as I am on here with worries and moans that I post when things are feeling pretty good too. Five and half days till holiday, not that I am counting down or anything and I can’t wait. Hope everyone is doing ok. Thanks for all your wonderful pick me ups and advice. I really do appreciate it all. With thanks and hugs Linda xxx

That’s great to hear. I would advise that as you are all going on holiday in 5 days that Rachael should try and take it easy for the next few days - even if she is feeling good as the holiday will be a new challenge and may take more out of her so make sure she rests up so that she’s got energy to enjoy the holiday properly. Hope that didn’t sound negative! Have a great holiday and hope you all have a good time and enjoy the break away x

It did not sound negative at all, this is all new to us so any and all advice welcome. She has an app with neurologist tomorrow and has made plans to go to lunch with friends, after that think we will just take the next few days easy to try and conserve her energy. We leave at 2 am to drive to Edinburgh Airport so know she is going to be tired on Wednesday, hope she can sleep in car then on flight. Linda x

That’s great news Linda. We’re always here for you through the ups and downs. Have a great holiday

Tracey x

That’s really positive news. And just in time for you all to have a great holiday! I wish you all the Best Jane x

Hi Linda,

That’s really great news!! As Tracey as already daid we are here for the ups and downs.I’m delighted that Rachaels on the way up, and also pleased that after the confidence issue last week it hasn’t stopped her meeting her friends.

Have a wonderful holiday

Take care


Thank you everyone. Linda x

Good news, I’m really pleased for you, a little of the smooth with the rough makes it so much easier to handle. Hope you have a fab holiday :slight_smile:

Sonia x

It`s all good!

Where are you heading for your hol?


We are heading to sunny Italy, a wee place called Sant’ Agata, a beautiful hotel overlooking the bay of Naples onto Crosica. Only 4 and a half days to go. Cannot wait. Rachael has bought herself a fan with a water bottle attached and a chillow pillow in readiness of the heat and the hotel has a pool for her to cool off in. Linda x

Awww that is so good to hear Linda. I am really pleased.

I find the hardest part of MS is not doing too much on the days that I feel good cause you want to do lots of things if you feel well but it is not worth it as it tends to knock you back. My hubby has to make me rest on those days.

Hope you have a really wonderful holiday. You all deserve it!!

Shazzie xx

hi linda

thats brilliant news, thanks for sharing!

i’m sure that rachael will continue to be mostly fine, occasionally brilliant and once every blue moon, maybe a little low.

just like everyone eh!

enjoy your hols

carole x

Hi Linda! Rachael is so lucky to have a loving and supportive Mum like you. Not clear if you go to the gym with Rachael, or she goes on her own, but, either way, she’s absolutely doing the right thing. Just thirty minutes of aerobic exercise each day has been shown to increase a number of nerve growth factors which promote the generation of new nerve cells, connectivity between the cells and myelin repair which is massively important in MS. At the same time, any form of exercise will boost our Serotonin levels in the brain which contributes to feelings of happiness and well being. So, in brief, it’s all good! It makes me really happy that you’re both adopting the proactive approach in dealing with this s£$**. In addition to exercise, there are foods that we should be eating and foods that we should avoid with MS. I’m sure you’ve been investigating these yourself, but I can really recommend, ‘Minding my Mitochondria’ by Dr Terry Wahls. This lady is a practising medic who had previously suffered 2PMS which had confined her to a wheel chair. As a scientist and fellow sufferer of MS, she wanted to see what she could do to improve her situation. Cutting a long story short, she is out of her wheelchair and leading a very active and productive life. So, a good diet and exercise really, really does help the situation. Keep doing what you’re doing Rachael- Go Girl !!!

Hi Tracyann28, yes I go to the gym with Rachael, I cover my 48 year old body in stretchy material and get on the walking machine, rower and pump iron like a good one with her. I will look up your recommended reading as I am willing to try anything that may help her. Thank you for taking time to reply. Linda x

Fantastic to hear, Linda. It’s terrible to hear when anyone is diagnosed with MS, but when I read that Rachael has it and she’s so young, it just ripped me apart. Before i was diagnosed, in June, I was a committed club runner, specialising in endurance events and thought I would never be able to participate again. Since diagnosis, I’ve suffered a horrendous relapse and thought, " How will I ever manage to cope? this is terrible!" By the grace of God, I’m just making my way up to the surface again and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday was my first venture back to the gym, since this all sprang onto my radar. I managed 10 miles (Hill Plus) on the static bike and 1,500 m on the rowing machine ( avg 24-37 rpm). Although, it did trigger two minor episodes of spasticity, they passed very clearly and weren’t even painful, this time. But considering what I had put my poorly body through, I did really well. I left the gym with my husband, absolutely buzzing. It felt great to know that I CAN do it. Next time, I will attempt to use the running machine for the first time- now that is a scarey thought! Anyway, keep up the good work and have an absolutely fantastic time in Italy. Tracyann x

You must be very fit Traceyanne 28, Rachael and I managed about 20 minutes on cardio machines then 20 mins or so on weights, she was exhausted and can’t say she was buzzin after it, more “I need my bed now”. We are more couch potatoes in our family so this is a bit of a shock to the system, but we are persevering and I won’t let her stop as it is for the best if she has another relapse, the stronger she is the better she will recover and hopefully handle it. It won’t do me any harm either getting my bum off the couch. We are so looking forward to Italy, cannot wait. Only 3 and a half days to go. Linda x

Have a great holiday. I haven’t managed to gain the confidence to go to the gym since my last relapse has leftme on ccrutches. I know it would be good fo me.

Hi Barney owl, try little and often. You don’t even have to go to the gym to start with. Try lifting cans while sitting in the comfort of your own home till you feel more confident. A lot of machines at the gym allow you to sit down while using them so you can work on your upper body while your lower body heals. If you have a little strength in your legs you could try strapping some weights to your ankles and lifting them to build strength in your thighs. Just do what you can and hopefully you will find strength returning and the confidence to hit the gym. Good luck. Linda x

Wow Linda look at you giving help and advice! It just shows how far you and Rachael have come. A couple of weeks ago, reading previous threads, you were at an all time low.

Well done you and I hope you all enjoy your trip to Italy. Mick x

Thanks Linda