Frazzled by the sun

I’m in Scotland so not as hot as other places and when I went out the door this morning I even commented on how much colder it was today. It was however bright sunshine. Drove my daughter to her dancing lesson, i just sit in the car and wait for her. Anyway the car park looked a bit busy today so I just parked out in the street. Well the sun was shining right down on the car and to say the least it was hot. I was feeling good when I left but when I got back I was hot, frazzled and exhausted. Had to sit down as soon as I got back into the house! I don’t even suffer with the heat or fatigue but this morning the sun just went for me. Anyway I’ve recovered now. No point to this post really, lol. Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

Not a lot of point to this answer, I guess, but just so you don’t feel you’re talking to yourself. :wink:

Isn’t it weird how something that’s usually fine can just arbitrarily NOT be fine, just for one day?

Glad you’re feeling OK again now.



Your post really struck a chord with me!! I love the sun and feel better in the dry, hot weather but cannot sit in a hot car as my symptoms go crazy. Pain, legs pack in, severe fatigue all for a few hours. I am the same if the sun is streaming through a window at home. I put it down to the humidity it’s the only thing I can think of!!

i live in yorkshire and at the moment its cool here and my legs are very painful not slept much last night for the pain.its odd but i think i need some warm sunshine.going to gt yarmouth in a week so i hope its warmer there.

take care all xx