The 'sun' is brilliant...

But take care in the heat - I ended up all dizzy yesterday (my own fault for sitting out in the sun too long but I do prefer it to 'the freezing cold')


I end up dizzy from doing nothing. Love Sun, hate heat!

Have a nice day Marcus.


I hate the sun and the heat,makes me worse and very ratty.


I love the sun - but my legs wont work properly and I feel drained. I would just love it if it was between 20-23C. This is just too much, cant do anything. x Lyn

This heat is really playing havoc with my legs. I agree with Lyn between 20-23C would be great. I can’t cope with this!

Teresa xx

The warmer and sunnier the better, I seem function better then.

I have developed a real dislike for the cold.

i dont like this heat, its making me grumpy.sad

I’m with the sun worshipers, long may it last, just move to Scotland if your not to keen on the sun, there’s normally always a wee breeze with ours. Julsiexx

Hello Marcus,

                      I take it that you don't mean the newspaper? I like this sunny weather, but it doesn't like my MS and when I walk I now look as if I have wet myself.

                    'soon be Christmas,


Thanks to all - Wendy, 'JellyBean', Lyn, Teresa, paulx, carole58, Julsie, Moira - Didn't spend too long in the sun today (half an hour after 3 p.m.) - but it still affected my walking (I couldn't). I still 'prefer' the heat to the cold (but boy, did I sweat last night). I'm going to try and listen to Radio Scotland on Sunday


When the sun is out i save money, i do not go to the pub as i look and feel drunk. not a good feeling.

Sorry to all the sun worshippers, but I hate it, makes everything so much harder,

much the same as the extreme cold does.  No pleasing me!


I love the sun but hate the heat :(

It drains me and makes me more achy and wobbly.

Just went out on scooter for about 15 minutes... wearing hat... but oooooh major dizzy spells. Back indoors now with blinds pulled down and fan on...I'm living like a mole...

Pat x happy