summer happiness

hi all ,

summers defo here and it’s about time we had a decent one too! dealt with direct sunlight by getting a hat, £1.27 off e-bay and now i can stay out much longer, even getting a nice tan! i’ve put on the 5kgs i lost +a bit more and i had 2 people tell me i look a lot better, didn’t realise i looked as rough as i felt! but i admit i am feeling much more like myself, great even!! was dx last nov and did go downhill but now i’m full of optimism, thinking of starting a support group cos there isn’t anything locally as i found out!

anyway the suns been out for weeks not day’s and my mum’s taking myself and my family away 5star all-inclusive to tunisia in sept!!

happy day’s!!

anyway hope your all enjoying the sun as much as me otherwise get a hat and grab a beer



HI Ben so great to hear things are so good!!!

Tunisia! You lucky devil!

I lived a bit of a mole-like existance during the heatwave (much fresher in London now) but I did rather enjoy it. Made me feel like I was living in an exotic foreign city… Athens or Barcelona… plus I have a new, big, powerful fan! (in fans I have found that size DOES matter!!!)

Great to hear about the support group. Good on ya!

Keep in touch and let us know how it goes… oh and the hat! YES an essential. Make sure you pack it for the hol’s!

Pat x

Hi Ben

Glad you are feeling better and looking forward to your holiday in

Tunisia, the hat will be definitely needed.

I am like Pat, during the heat wave I was either in the shade or inside

with the blinds down, cos my ms doesn’t like it.

Good news about starting a support group, hope it goes well for you.

Pam x