heels so painful

Afternoon all. Woke up with bad pain in heels this morning. Carer said she is concerend the skin is going to break and. ulcers will erupt. OMG I`ve googled it and seen horrendous pictures!

I rang district nurse and she agreed I do need an air mattress. So she has ordered one for me. So, I told my hubby that I need this and he has had to agree. Nurse said the new ones are not noisy. I also got my gel heel protectors. They are soft and cumfy and look like floppy tripe!!!!! Another reason hubby was anti air mattress is `cos they use leccy.

My list of equipment which needs power is growing. Here`s my list;

celing hoist

recliner chair


profileing bed


washing machine is on everyday.sometimes twice a day

central heating as I rarely feel warm in the house

There are other minor bits of kit which need recharging, as most of us have, like toothbrush, netbook, modem, mobile phone.

So here`s my question;

who knows of cheaper energy tariffs?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll


It's a bummer, ain't it?  We are with Southern Electric and today we had a

letter from British Gas saying they are the cheapest.  I must admit I haven't

looked into it yet to check, but would it be worth you going on a comparison

site and see who is offering what?


I am always cold also, can't imagine what we are all going to do in the "real"



Hope you get it sorted Poll, take care