Been out partying :D

Went to a good friend’s 30th birthday party last night and enjoyed myself. (Have rested up most of this week and have learnt to use my stick before the fatigue hits which has helped my recovery quite a lot.)

I actually wore heels last night (only 2" and quite chunky) and the party was slow to get started so was able to sit down most of the evening. Danced to a couple of songs (more standing still and wiggling my hips ) and seemed to get away with it. My legs are achy today but I think they will recover if I take it easy again. The friend I went with still doesn’t understand though :(. At one point one of those tunes came on where everyone does the same dance - the one where you all take so many steps in one direction then kick one leg and then you all take so many steps in the other direction for the full length of then tune etc. Hope that makes sense. Anyway she jumped up and said “Come on you can do this one”. I immediately said “No, my legs won’t be able to do that tonight” but she had already gone so I let her get on with it. She had already had several drinks so I think it was a while before she realised I wasn’t there, ha ha!!

Anyway I still enjoyed myself and I don’t think it was obvious that there was much wrong with my legs as there wasn’t much opportunity to dance anyway. Ann (the birthday girl) didn’t provide a buffet but there was a table full of sweets and chocolate, lots of crisps and snacks, birthday cake and doughnuts so I had to indulge in a bit of everything. Well it would’ve been rude not to, wouldn’t it?

Tracey x

Glad you had a good time Tracey. Well done on the dance - I wouldn’t have had a hope in hell of joining in with that, I’m afraid! Keep going as long as you can! Teresa xx

Sounds like we both had a fun weekend hun. I danced the night away Friday well half an hour of it in two.inch heels…think the alcohol made my leg more playful. Been taking it easy since but proves we are fighters doesn’t it? :wink: x x x

Excellent Tracey, Abuse it or lose it. I like cake.

Wb x

Thanks everyone, yes I am determined to do as much as I can for as long as I can and keep fighting. And woblyboy here’s some virtual non-fattening cake especially for you :wink:

T x

Thanks T,virtual cake is better than no cake.I like Aston Martins

Wb x

Virtual ones or real ones? :wink:

Nice news on the dancing, I managed a bit a few months ago at a do! It was our running club’s presentation and they said they thought I was off the racing list permenantly. As explained to them short bust of energy dancing is fine, it is maintaining that for an hour is a different matter!

made up you had a good night there is life after dx

My diagnosis is quite new but I’ve been living it up the last few months with various nights out and weekends away. I missed out on my 30th b-day because I was relapsing and Christmas was a write off because of relapse and diagnosis.

I’m relapsing again but it’s just ON and only in one eye. So I have to get someone to do my eye makeup (because I can’t see when I close my “good” eye to put makeup on it) but I’m determined to make the most of my life now.

I was giving it socks on the dancefloor on Saturday night. I can’t wear heels anymore but a small wedge heel I can manage. I’m totally shattered tired today in work but still, it was well worth it :slight_smile:

Hi Meme,please don’t think I’m being patronizing,but I must say…“BRAVO, good Girl”

Wb x

I don’t think you’re being patronising at all

I got into a total “funk” after my diagnosis. It was awful and I was basically just going to work and then home to bed. My relationship ended and I was thoroughly miserable for a few weeks. But I shook it off and am trying to get back to being my usual fun self.

Time to start taking this MS as part of who I am as opposed to letting it consume who I am.

Nice try!! I cannot even manage a virtual one of those for you!


Hi Meme

I’m so glad you’re out living it up again. I missed our work’s Christmas do when I had my first ever relapse and I was stuck in hospital while the doctor’s tried to work out what was wrong with me. Even worse the hospital was closed to visitors due to the norovirus so I could only keep in touch via phone calls and I couldn’t talk properly as that was what had led me to A&E in the first place!! That was fun - not!! My son (then 15) was trying so hard to be brave, bless him, it nearly broke my heart when they sent him away from the hospital that first day.

Anyway the following year I made up for it big time . Had the best party dress I could afford, the highest heels I could manage (they went to charity soon after) and drank as much alcohol as I could stomach. The hospital nurse was quite po-faced when I asked her what to do about my Rebif injection which was due that night as I knew I would be far too pickled to manage it … He he he, I’ll never forget the look on her face.

I think we really know how to enjoy ourselves better than ever as we live such a rollercoaster life! The good times mean so much more if you know what I mean.

Tracey xx

Listen girls,I’ll let you into a secret…There is still a time and a place for heels with virtually no walking involved,but there is still a burn off of calories and a big ‘feel good factor’ with the proper planning.Saying that I’ve always found that the best impromptu things aren’t strictly speaking impromptu.

No more heels to the Charity shop please.As for the Aston Martins it’s the engine noise more than anything,

Wb x

I have absolutely no idea what you may be referring to Wb…:wink: Xx

Well MrsH you aren’t Mrs Robinson

Wb x <(L)>

Now she wears some killer heals…and has a certain dominance everytime she barks, “you are the weakest link”

I was at a wedding at the weekend, even I hit the dancefloor…in my wheelchair…ah the shame of it!!lol

Hello there MrsH,I’m talking about Mrs Robinson from the film The Graduate.Something about the older woman and having been a Toy Boy a few times…

Wb x

I knew that Benjamin. Just trying to throw you off the scent. Xx