Just wanted to send ((((hugs)))) to anyone who found yesterday to be hard work and is suffering today.

I must admit I was shocked at how much I struggled with the day. Hubby helped loads but I did notice how much my MS had deteriorated. I did enjoy the day though but looking forward to a do nothing day today.

Hope you all had a lovely day.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

i was really bad xmas eve day, i couldnt stand at all i was in bed all day and thought i wasnt going to be able to enjoy xmas day… but i woke xmas day and felt ok and i could stand and i was able to get up…i was surprised at how much better i felt…i was sooooooo pleased …my partner is so good he cooked the dinner for 5 of us and it was really lovely, hes a better cook than me… hes had enough practice over the years…i feel relieved its all over though

J x

That;s nice J. Glad it went well for you. My hubby did most of the dinner too. We had 5 to lunch as well. All I did was carve the turkey and that was a struggle. You have a lovely day today. xx

(((Hugs))) to you to Shazzie, I also found I really tiring compared to last year. Have family Coming round soon, but only for a couple of hours, after that I think the pj’s may be back on and the sofa will be my best friend, am back at work tomorrow so need to rest (thats my excuse anyway!!) Enjoy the rest if your day x

Completely shattered. Just want it over and done with now. Hurry up new years day!! :frowning:

I know how you feel.

I had family round yesterday. Coped well with first 2 hours then just wanted them to go. The felt bad for feeling grumpy for the next hour until they left.


i also know how you all feel

had 15 people mixture of family and friends xmas eve as in the past i have always had an open house and coped but not this year

this is my 5th year with ppms and i am really struggling compared with previous crimbos mite be time to cancel xmas eve here!!!

happy new year

lozzie x