earlier post

allo all!

I posted earlier today, as I was in a rotten mood.

But I`ve read and replied to several folk here who need a friendly word.

It`s made me feel better already!

See, we really do need each other here, when times are bad.

lu u all!


Hi Poll,

Sorry I didn’t catch your earlier post. Only just checked it now. Disturbed sleep’s a real bummer, isn’t it?

But glad you are already beginning to feel better.


Ta chuck!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

Sorry you didnt have good sleep. I too had a bad one last night as yesterday morning my wee daughter, who is away at uni rang me to say she felt really sick. I told he to do to docs but she didnt call me back and I couldnt get through to her. I was texting and ringing all last night with no joy. Finally got hold of her this morning at 10:30am and she was on her way to hockey! I had a lost sleep through sheer worry!

Love Moyna x

Hi M, well of course you`re gonna worry yourself silly, when your grown babby says she is sick and away from home.

Glad she`s ok now though.

luv Pollx