back home, but all is not well!

Hi guys, thank you all so much, for the well wishes for my holiday.

I`m afraid I dont have a funny tale to tell, although we did have a few laughs.

The journey there upset my spc wound and the pain in my side, since having had the op, 10 weeks ago.

The weather was poor, but we managed to sit on the cliffs overlooking Filey bay for 10 mins, one day, before a massive gust of wind almost blew us off it! I had a mouthful of grass, and the Christines lost their footing, so we headed inwards for a Starbucks hot chocolate and wedge of carrot cake!

The lounge in the caravan had fitted wraparound seating, but I couldnt get near enough in the portable hoist, to get sat comfortably, so I spent more time in bed, to get my tum straightened out, than I do at home!

I was looked after and fed well by my girlies, so chocolate featured heavily!

Had to call a nurse out this morning, as my spc wound has been bleeding a bit and looks iffy. She said it is on the verge of ulcerating and it was caused by all the trundling friction and is raw! She is going to take a swab tomorrow or Tuesday and get me some special dressings for it.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have an appointment with a new neuro and I have a list of things i want to talk to her about.

This includes;

  1. the chronic pain in my heels, which the district nurses have been treating as pressure pain for 2 years! Despite trying 3 expensive pressure relief mattresses, 3 types of heel protectors and a variety of barrier creams, they now think it could be nerve pain…so I`ll be asking for pain relief for that…

  2. this nagging ache in my legs, caused by foot drop…

  3. a referal to physio for leg movement, as they feel stagnant

  4. AOB!!!

So sorry guys, I have failed to provide you with a titter or two, as I had hoped.

I think I should`ve left the holiday till another time.

Good to be home again.

luv Pollxx

Hi Poll,

Sounds like you been through the mill, so sorry to hear that, not helped by the awful weather.

I hope you get good news withthe neuro tomorrow, especially some pain relief.

I don’t know if we’re being foolhardy or not, but we are going to try a couple of days at the seaside tomorrow, warm clothes needed I think!

I hope thinhs improve for you Poll.

Pam x

Thankyou Pam. yeh, wrap up well for the sea air.


Nice to have you back Poll - we have missed you and your words of wisdom.

I’m sorry you didn’t have as good a hol as you deserve. But bet you’re glad to be home

Good luck with the doc tomorrow and I hope you get the pain relief you need.

Take care and lots of welcoming home hugs

JellyBellyKelly xx

Awww Poll, that is too bad (an understatement). I am sorry your holiday did not turn out as hoped, glad you are home safe and sound though. Will keep fingers crossed for neuro appointment and hopefully they will get your pain relief sorted out for you this time. Linda x

Hope the Neuro gives you something for the heel pain Poll. Sorry about all horrible things going on atm. I do hope you get some improvement soon! Teresa xx

Oh Poll. You poor thing. I’ve been thinking of you.

I was looking forward to hearing all about the fun times you had.

Bet you are glad to be home.

We have missed you. It has been very quiet on here!!

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll Pleased you’re home safely. Hope the appointment goes ok tomorrow, I have appt with MS nurses tomorrow so we will be able to swop notes!!! Speak soon luv Linda x

Sorry Poll your holiday wasn’t as goo as you hoped. Goodluck with neuro totomorrow and hope your spc wound improves quickly. Keep your chin up. Big hugs Barney

Hi Poll, I am sorry that you are in pain. I wonder if you have plantar faciitus (not sure on spelling) as it causes heel pain and can be helped a lot with steriod injections into the heal. If there is pain then there must be inflammatfion I reckon. Plantar faccitis is common with foot drop.

Take care

Moyna xxx