Hi All,

Back after my op’ which went well, stitches coming out was fine until the nurse thought she hadn’t got all of one out. I see the surgeon on Tuesday for follow up appt’ so he will know if it’s there or not!!

Holiday was a lovely rest, trouble was it was over to quickly, managed quite well with my bat mobile, horrible not being able to get the wound wet. Weather was lovely, warm and a lovely breeze, just what the doctor ordered. Trouble is it’s now back to reality. Hey ho!!!

Hope you’ve all kept as well as you can and thank you all so much for your kind wishes. It’s great to think others are thinking of you.

Love Janet


Welcome back Janet, you have been missed. So pleased you have had a lovely week away, 8 weeks today I am off to sunnier climates I can’t wait. Love Karen x

That sounds like heaven, can I come, please??? LOL

Love Janet


Hi Janet Welcome back. Glad all is well and that you had a good holiday! Hope you’re feeling a lot better. Teresa xx

Hi Janet,

lovely to have you back again

Glad it went well.


Glad you got through it all ok. Has it helped?

Take care


Hello! Welcome back!

Really pleased to hear it went well and that you had a good holiday

Karen x

Welcome back!



Hi Karen, Teresa, Teresa, Pip, Karen and Helen,

Thanks for the welcome back. The good news is the stitch the nurse couldn’t get out came out on it’s own last night. Tomorrow I will be seeing the surgeon and hope he’ll put me on the waiting list to have the other hand done as well.

It is lovely to be able to actually feel the things I want to pick up, but still have to get some strength back into the wrist but guess it will return in time.

It’s good to be back, thanks one and all.



Welcome back Janet… nice to see you on here again.

Pat x

It sounds like the operation has helped and done you some good. Glad to hear it. Teresa xx

Hiya Janet,

Glad to have you back here with fellow msers. Pleased your hols went well and that your op and stitches are sorted. So now you can point your finger at people without pain?

Its good to have you back on the boards, we’ve missed you.

take care,



Lovely to have you back Janet. Still take it steady, yeh?

luv Pollx

Welcome back Janet; I’m pleased that it all went ok.

Take care

Wendy x

Many thanks to Pat, Teresa, Bren, Poll and Wendy for adding your kind remarks. Yes the op’ went well and is healing well, still can’t lift anything heavy but hope that will come in time. All I hope for now is that they will do the same for my other hand as that is painful and I can’t feel things when I would like to pick them up. Still at least one hand is well on it’s way to being normal, well as normal as can be, LOL.

Thanks again each and everyone of you kind people, my cyber friends.