LEAVING FOR A LITTLE WHILE wish me luck please

Hi Everyone,

This Friday I’m going into hospital to have a carpal tunnel operation, not looking forward to it as it will be a local and not a GA. Have had to reduce my warfarin to enable me to have it done which opens me up to other problems which I can well do without.

Hope you are all as well as can be expected.



Good luck Janet ~ hope everything goes well.

Bonne chance Janet, I hope everything goes well.Let us know how you get on.

good luck and hope all goes well


Good luck with the op!


Hi Janet, good luck hope all goes well, I will be thinking of you. Love Karen xxxx

Good Luck Janet - hope it goes well and none of the problems you are worried about, rear their heads. Teresa xx

All the very best,

I had carpel tunnel when I was pregnant so I can understand your willingness to go through with the op despite the possibility of problems.

Hope it gives you instant relief.

Take care


Thank you each and everyone for your good wishes, I will let you know how it goes as soon as I’m able to as I can’t type with just one finger, just hope it’s not to long. Thank you once again.



Good luck Janet. Hope it’s a great success!

Pat x

Hi Jan, I wish you well for your op and hope it is successful. Look forward to seeing you return.

Look after yourself, yeh?

much luv, Polly xx

Hi Janet

I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, good luck, hope you’ll be back here soon, hopefully in less pain.

Love Wendy x

Good Luck,

Hope it all goes well,


Good luck Janet, hope it all goes well.


Good luck Janet with your op. I know it wont be long before youll be itching to come back on here with your lovely comments.

I shall miss you, get well soon,

luv bren


Wishing you the very best of luck Janet - I hope all goes supersmoothly!

Karen x

Thanks you lovely, lovely people, it means a lot that you all care. Hope you enjoyed your holiday Karen.

See you all later.



Hi Janet

Hope the op goes really well. Be thinking of you and look forward to hearing from you when you after the op.

Shazzie xx

Best of luck Janet,

Come back soon, and feeling well!


Good luck Janet,

Hope to see you back here soon

Teresa. x