Leaving the Forum for a little while.

Hi there everyone,

Just to let you know in case you may miss me I’m having my other hand op’ Carpal Tunnel done so will not be able to type for a while. So you all take care and keep as well as you can, then I’ll come back and bug you all again!!!



Hi Janet, hope evything goes well for you. Look forward to having you back on her. Cheryl:-)

Hope all goes well for you.

See you soon


Hello Janet,

Hope the operation goes well. I have had both hands done twice. The first one was brilliant and did the job - but after about 18 months the tingling in my hands came back. I had the op again and it was noted that the problem wasn’t carpal tunnel but possibly MS.

Don’t be worried about the operation - I was fine. Just take my advice and keep the dressings on as long as you can. I kept taking them off and putting new ones on. My daugher who is a nurse told me off!!

I managed to drive again after a week and all was ok.

Good luck and take this opportunity for someone else to do the washing up, dusting, ironing etc etc :slight_smile:

Take care,


Good luck Janet! Teresa xx

Hope I haven`t missed you Janet.

Look after yourself and see you on your return.

Hope it all goes well for you.

luv Pollx

see you soon janet

ellie x

Hope the op goes well Janet and you are back with us soooooooooon

:wink: Mary