Absence from forum

Hello all

I’m aiming once more to have a colostomy operation tomorrow. If this one is cancelled at the last minute as it was last month, I shall be very cross indeed and will probably cry.

So, chances are I will be absent from here for a week or so. I may be able to look at posts, but don’t expect any sense or sensibility from me. Those of you who know me well will think all is normal if that is the case.

Today I have been out to have lunch (nice fish n chips and glass of wine) and a '99 on the seafront, so I’m well prepared for the surgery.

I hope you will all stay well and safe. Play nicely with each other and don’t drink too much in the sunshine (you know to whom I’m addressing that comment).

Poll will be able to update you with progress in case of a prolonged absence.

Sue xx


Fingers crossed it happens and all goes well.

LV. Katy

I`m gonna cry for Sue if she gets pushed back again.

I will probably cry for her anyway, cos she my pal!


Take good care Sue, will be thinking of you, will raise a glass when Poll tells us your ok (don’t be away too long!) love & kisses Tracey ​xx


will be thinking of you.

e x

Hope the op goes ahead and all goes well.

Good luck Sue, will be thinking of you. Hope all goes to plan this time



I hope that all goes well and you feel a bit better soon.

Rest assured you have loads of support here.

all the best


Take care Sue.

We’ll miss you.

Best wishes,


All the very best sweet heart.

Positive thoughts and best wishes sent your way.

Cath xxx

Best wishes x

Good luck and best wishes.

Good luck Sue

Sure it will go well once you get into a hospital bed.

Take plenty of magicool spray.

look forward to reading your posts when you are well

best wishes Kat x

There was a young lady called ssssue

she had many a friend, more than a few

she went in for an op

and came out on top

felt better, but what a tadoo xxx (I hope)

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I hope your op went ahead and wish you a speed recovery

Jo x

Any news, are you out?

Hi babes, no Sue isn’t out yet.

We try to ring each other, but the hospital phone signal is rubbish. We keep getting cut off. We text a lot.

She’s fed up…full of wind and can’t get rid of it. Some gurgles out through the stoma, but it feels like it wants to come out the usual way but can’t.

She’s hoping to move to the rehab ward today.

I’ll keep you posted.

Poor little lovely Sue.

Polls x

Good luck. Hope it goes ahead this time and that it goes well. Love Eve xx