can`t believe it

allo everyone.

thinking about our lovely Sue…having her colostomy op…should be all done now, as she was the first on the surgeons list.

:Last time, as you know, she was told not to go in, as she was just about to leave the house, because the anaesthetist was ill!

So I am really hoping, the op is done and dusted for her. Poor Sue,

Anyway, the reason for my post.

Been looking for a new carer and interviewed a nice woman on Monday.

But there was one, Bev, who sounded perfect on her CV. But she didnt show, ring to let me know why, or anything.

But I did still like the sound of her and rang her on Monday. She told me she`d had a wisdom tooth out and it had gone wrong and she was very poorly all weekend.

She said she would still like to come for interview, if I`d like her to. I did. So we made another appointment fo today at 11am.

I got ready, waited…she didnt come…She didnt ring either. Nothing.

So that`s it…no 3rd chance for her.

What kind of people can behave this way? Some carer, eh?

Anyway, I`m offering the job to the lady I saw on Monday.

She does fit the bill. Hopefully it will work out well.


Her loss.

Poll they should be falling over themselves to care for a lady like you - what an opportunity to gain a friend like you !

Fingers crossed for Lady Monday … really hope she is a Bev mark two for you xx

Oh Poll that’s so disappointing.

I can’t understand what goes through people’s minds, it’s just such bad manners. If she’s employed or through an agency I do encourage you to report back to them. It just not good enough.

I find waiting for any appointment makes me anxious these days, but add in the anger you must have felt at her no-show and I’d be apoplectic and feeling the after effects for days…

Hopefully you’ve chosen a good 'un and you build a good relationship with your new carer. Fingers crossed it works out.

Hope you hear from Sue soon, give her our love when you speak to her.


Sadly the new prospective carer has turned the job down!

As she is already employed, she would be taxed heavily and it wouldn’t be worth her while.

So that’s it, I’m not looking for any one else.

So it’s my lovely Bev and hubby as unpaid stand in carer…as it is most of the time!

All this lot has worn me out and my brain hurts!


OMG I don’t believe it!

Hope you’re ok Poll, things like this can set you back so take it easy, have a drink or two and try to put it behind you.

take care


Bloody hell Poll, what a palaver you’ve had!!! That 1 that didn’t turn up, well you know what I’m thinking. You may find someone by chance you never know, so hoping it turns out ok Tracey xx

Oh Poll what a disappointment for you, so sorry to hear this, keep your chin up girl.

Pam x

Bloody hell indeed, you must be frustrated.

Courtesy and good manners cost nothing. I am realistic enough to know that stuff can happen that prevents or delay turning up, but it takes only a tiny effort to call or email. That is rude and unprofessional.

I hope you find some help very soon.


Ive decided to stop actively looking for another carer. It really has knocked the wind out of my sails! Ive spent a lot of time typing up interview papers, ringing folk up, checking their credentials etc. So summat Tracy said made me think.

I guess it`s a bit like looking for a partner/hubby…they turn up when you stop searching for them.

I`ve been assessed for this extra bit of funding, so I wont offer to give it back, incase someone does turn up.

Thanks guys.


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