Our Sue

Just received a text from Sue`s Mr.

The op is done and gone well. Sue is in high dependency unit for a while.

He can see her later.



Thank you Poll for letting us know!!

She will be looked after and so they should - they’ll have us to answer to otherwise !

Sending her all my love and wishes for a speedy recovery xx

Excellent news, thanks Poll

Thank you for letting us know Poll.

Sue contributes so much to the Forum and is held in high esteem.

Wishing her a swift recovery.


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thanks for update poll!

ellie x

Thanks Poll

fingers crossed for a speedy recovery


Thanks Poll, all over now, just needs to get well xx

Mr Sue messaged me again after he had spoken to our Sue!

He’s visiting her at 7 tonight.

It’s all ok!


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Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Pam x

Very glad to hear her op went ahead and she is doing well

Jo x

That’s good news indeed. Get well soon Sue xx

Morning lovely Sue!!! I’ve noticed your on, don’t expect an answer, but good to know your awake & keeping an eye out, get well soon!!! Tracey xxx

re-starting this thread…you`ll read why!


How is our Sue ?? Been thinking about you xx

I was chatting to Sue on the phone yesterday. The signal is so much better on the rehab unit, than the surgical ward.

She is sounding better…learning the way to change her stoma bag. She cant walk…as yet, but is determined to try. She only did so with the aid of a FES.

She doesnt know how long she`ll be on the rehab ward, but has faith they will get her going again.

Bless her. I love my friend Susi.

She says hi to everyone.


Tell her hi back Poll, glad she’s getting there xxx

So good to hear its all done and she’s doing well! Give her a big hug from me xxx

Sounds positive. Please send her our very best wishes


Sue is going home for the weekend…for a rest.!

Yesterday she had doctors, physios, specialist rehab nurses, OTs, stoma nurse all busy with her .

She`s looking forward to a restful weekend with her Mr and Monte the cat!

Then she goes back Mon to Fri next week.

All good, innit!


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Sounds very good, hope Sue, mr Sue have some quiet family time