our Sue`s not read if title scares you!

Hi all. Just been texting back and forth with Sue.

She asked me to re-do the title so folk know what the thread is about…incase it upsets anyone.

So, she had the op yesterday. She wanted it after a long time of bowel problems, piles, prolapse and rashes.

Her sphincters were affected by MS. She did struggle…a lot! Her spc op, a few months ago, didnt go exactly to plan. But it settled down eventually.

Im writing all this with Sues permission. She said it might help her later on, when Brian Fog visits!

She also thought it could be of use to anyone thinking of going down the same route.

Her surgeon is pleased with how the op went…BUT he had to remove 18 inches of twisted bowel!!! No wonder she couldnt go without digital stimulation.Today she is being moved from high dependency to a surgical ward. She was in pain as they sat her in a wheelchair.

More comfortable lying down. I dunno why she had to go in a wheelchair…???

More updated as I get them.



Thanks for the update Poll, please pass on our best wishes again for a quick as possible recovery.

Poor Sue really has been through the mill, and yes why on earth sit her in a wheelchair to move the the ward??? Gah, they say we have difficulties with brain fog! At least I can still add 2 and 2 and get 4.

AngC x

So glad she’s ok, send my love Poll!!! xxxx

Thanks for update Poll. I will be very interested in how Sue gets on.

Fingers crossed she recovers quickly, please give her my best wishes.

Linda x

hi poll

please pass on my best wished to sue.

this beast of a disease is just not fair to anyone but sue has had more than her fair share of unfairness!

i hope sue is soon fighting fit.

carole x

Glad Sue’s finally had the op. Please pass on my good wishes. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Hi Poll please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sue.

And mine, Poll

Jo x

Sue texted me early this morning…well before I woke up. Hospitals do like to get patients up before a shift swap!

She continues to improve… a second at a time!

Shes going to the rehab unit (is she an alky?) for a while, to get used to her new friend` prior to going home.

Now then…we`ve got to come up with names for her 2 bags…no, not 2 jags…so she doesnt get them mixed up.

I`m thinking

for her spc…Wanda…cos its a wonder it works

and for her new stoma…Gurgler…cos thats what it does when wind is being let out…

I/we await your replies…


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Laurel and Hardy.

“That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into”

Sue## A speedy recovery.

Very best wishes,


Poll - you mention Sue had a twisted bowel - was this the reason why she had the problems she had? Had this problem been resolved might she not have had to have a colostomy?

Was it wrongly assumed that because she had m.s. then every problem must be due to the m.s.

Anyway pass on my good wishes to Sue.

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Yes Krak, you could be right! But no-one thought about that!

She texted me this morning. Fed up and bloated. Also her left leg and foot have gone weird. Not sure what she means. I will probably ring her later.


Well, I hope she’s now in “feeling slightly better every day” territory as far as her op goes, and getting some relief from her symptoms

And I’m with Krak, everything does get put down to MS when it isn’t necessarily

Best wishes to Sue, let’s hope the leg weirdness is just a passing irritation

Jo x

Hello and well wishes Sue!, for when you’re up to reading on here. Xx