Urostomy update!

I am still here!

Just been really busy having visitors and carers in every day. I am healing really well and used to the new bag and everything. Much less hassle than the old system!

Basically all is good. I ended up having 6 hour surgery for the actual urostomy surgery and then had to have another 1 hour op for plastics to put me back together as it hadn’t healed properly and burst open as I was dressing to go home!

It is healing really well and the stoma is shrinking quickly now I am eating and drinking normal food and taking in lots of water and juice.

Happy days fellow M.Sers.

Big loves




Hi Jules.

Good to hear you are coping… despite the trouble when leaving hospital.

Life will be so much better now.


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Hello MS family!!!

I am so out of the loop again feel like I am hiding here. Beyond bored now and totally sick watching crap telly! Reading books on my kindle but officially BORED!!!

I am happy to have anyone over here for tea and biscuits (bring the biccies please) !

Going on holiday in 10 days so looking forward to Spain and doing nothing for 2 weeks or less than I usually do and have someone else around to talk with at least.

Lots of loves



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Oh poor you…boredom is the pits…but with a holiday on the horizon you have summat fantastic to look forward to.

I spend many hours researching and sometimes booking holidays…nowt like it for cheering you up!

where do you hang out? maybe we can have a virtual tea and biscuits /coffee morning with you here!


battenburg and a black tea for me chuck!


Battenberg’s horrible. Could I have ginger cake, or chocolate please. And black coffee for me Ta.

(I’m not waiting for an invite. I just think if there’s a virtual party, I’m inviting myself!)

Glad all is well besides the boredom Jules.

Sue x


hi bubbly jubbly . i’m going on holiday as well but to west wales . at the start of september . x