I have survived the surgery!!!!!!

Here I am back in the real world!! 3 weeks in hospital and 2 lots of surgery and I am now a very happy urostomy patient/survivor

It is really weird to no longer have a catheter anywhere just my new stoma I am amazed at how easily I seem to have adapted to it. Thank god for the NHS the care was outstanding. Doctors, nurses HCA’s and physio’s.

I need a name for the stoma so suggestions please…

At the moment I am going with Bob as it is a sticky out willy type job.

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Oh hun, how good to see you back and to have survived and come out smiling!

i`m so pleased for you.

Now then…a name for your new body part…Sam (stoma)?, Suzie (stoama)?

It`ll be interesting to see what other names are suggested…

You take care now darlin, y`hear?

luv Pollxx

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Cheers Poll I thought of Sam but then decided Bob was just a bit more weird!! Bits and Bobs type thing!

Love ya x

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Hi, my mum refers to hers as Mr. Stoma :slight_smile:

Oh well done. I know how concerned you were before the surgery. Very happy for you that it’s worked out well.


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That works quite well!

LOL that really did make me smile Bits and Bobs I will never be able to say that again without a smile.

XX Don

how you managing with your new bits and bobs hun?


Fab thanks Poll xx