Suprapubic 1st change!

Hi all To all of you folk awaiting a SPC change…I had my 1st change yesterday and the removal of the catheter and insertion of the new one went absolutely fine. Only slight discomfort and it was over very quickly. Unfortunately when I arrived back home it didn’t drain and after 3washouts still no good! Ended up back in hospital for cystoscopy to find the catheter wasn’t in my bladder!!! Consultant ended up taking it out and have to have it redone at end of July! I’m now back with uretheral catheter so a bit fed up and disappointed. Main point being the change was nowhere near like I thought it would be so no need to worry about it! I have just been very unlucky in that my bladder hadn’t formed the tract to my tummy. He will leave the 1st change longer next time!! Have a good weekend everyone. Lindax

Hi, lovely to chat on phone today and hope youre feeling better now.

much luv Pollx

Thanks Poll Xxx

Oh sorry to hear that. That’s very poor on their part, surely they would check before you left that it was draining ok? That’s what the district nurses do each time I have mine changed.

Can’t believe they did not check to see that it was draining - BEFORE - even inflating the balloon of the catheter let alone allowing you to go home. Do hope it will not belong before you get it replaced. Why is it we always seem to get knocked back just when we feel things are begining to go our way.

I’m glad the change went well Linda but how dreadfully frustrating and annoying that the catheter wasn’t in the right place. You shouldn’t have to wait that long either. What a shame! I hope they sort it once and for all next time! Teresa xx

Shocking news Linda, I’m glad the change process wasn’t as bad as you thought. Take care, Sara xx

I know schoey23 and spacerjacket they said they saw urine before they put valve back on, but I was never convinced. The consultant rang me this morning to see how I was!! I guess he has learnt a lesson from all of this. Just think of the cost of another general anaesthetic and overnight stay in hospital??? New date is apparently last week of July…oh the joys!! Linda x

Hi Sara and Teresa I know I can’t tell you how frustrated I am ;( I feel I’m 3 months behind where I was!! Hope the consultant has learnt a lesson from it all! Linda x