Suprapubic first change.

Had the first change of my supra pubic catheter yesterday at North Manchester General Hospital.

The first change is done at hospital after that it is done at home.

Well early start because we had to be there for 7.30 am.

It’s always packed although it didn’t seem to bad.

So booked in at 7.30 am and asked to wait until called.

9.30 came and hadn’t been seen so Pat enquired what was happening, quit nonchalantly she replied " oh he’s not on the list. So why not tell me.

Of course I pointed out that I had an appointment letter which the receptionist had booked me in with, " can I see your letter " the nurse asked as good as to say you’ve got the wrong date, upon which she was surprised to find we had the right day.

So she went and had a word with the doc and I was ushered into a small examination room.

The fact that I am a hoist patient didn’t help as the mobile hoist hadn’t been ordered.

Cut a long story short Pat mentioned my chair would tilt back, so the doc, who incidentally is a very nice man and was quit impressed with my chair, prepped me and changed the catheter whilst in my chair.

Must admit I was dreading the change as there are one or two horror stories of the catheter sticking in the stoma.

Sterilised around the stoma and applied some lubricating gel, which I presume is also a mild anesthetic and hey presto it came out very easily the sensation of the catheter coming out and being replaced was unusual but painless.

The nursing staff and doctor were very apologetic about the delay with the doctor saying he had had a word with the receptionist about missing me off the list, sounds like someone got a flea in their ear.

Next time I can have it changed at home.

Much easier than I thought.

The doctor asked how I found it.

Practically it is brilliant but I do struggle with the fact that I have a piece of plastic sticking out of my stomach.

I do get some discomfort from it but the doctor explained it was the catheter touching the bladder.


Hi Ronin

That sounds like a long wait early in the morning but I’m glad it went smoothly once you were seen by the doc.

I’m having my SPC done at the beginning of March so that’ll be me in a while. It’s nice to know it went smoothly. Puts my mind at rest.


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Hi, apart from the long wait and mix up with the docs list, Im glad to hear your first change went well.

It can sometimes be a bit difficult with the first change, as the body naturally tries to close a hole and adhesions can be a problem.

I have mine changed every 4 weeks, as they do seem to fur up more than usual. I make sure I drink lots of tap water, to keep things flowing. I also take cranberry tablets to avoid utis.

My next change is this coming wednesday and yes, I can see beige fluffy bits in the tubing…more water needed!


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It was a long wait but I was not surprised it is the NHS after all.

Having said that I think the NHS is brilliant and all the doctors and nurses.

Put your mind at rest, it was the first time I had had a general anaesthetic and I was a little apprehensive about my reaction on coming round.

Fortunately I was OK and the first change went well.

Suppose it was a bit of a none event really.

Best wishes.