stil popping in

Allo guys! I used to be a regular on these `ere bords, but felt extra tired and coping with the recent changes and difficulties of posting, made me want a break from the forum.

Having said that, I have been popping in to see how everyone is. I am still having printing problems!

I`ve just had a 10 day nightmare…with my spc by-passing 15 times, including wetting my bed 4 times! I called district nurses last weekend and was advised to enquire about botox.

I spoke to my GP about it on Monday. She has written to my uro…how long will that take I wonder?

Yesterday I was in the cinema, with my carers and I wet myself again!

I came home and called a nurse out…she changed my catheter and found it very blocked with gunge. It had been in situe just 3weeks!

It is draining well today!

Innit a chuff,eh?

luv Pollx

Hello my lovely!

I’ve not been posting on here much either lately. Been busy with the kids being off school.

I hope you get help with the spc soon or a chance to try botox.

I don’t know how you manage to stay so upbeat with all the problems you face.

You are an inspiration!

Take care Poll and i hope the appointment comes soon.

hi poll

we have missed you y’know!

you have had a lot of bother with your plumbing love.

hope it gets sorted soon.

carole x

Hi Poll

Sorry you have had lots of problems with the spc, I do hope your appointment comes quickly, and they are able to help.

I have found the changeover on the forum difficult as well, hopefully things will be better soon.

Glad to see you back here, and enjoy Strictly this weekend.

Pam x

Hello there Polly, you have been going through a bad time of it. These catheters are a pain literally, I’m going through an infection at the moment and do feel for you Polly.

Good you are back on the board but we haven’t got passed the forum site problems; so I wouldn’t blame you for giving it a rest for a while.

Take care, I do hope you get some help with it.

Love Wendy x

Hello Poll, nice to see you back have missed your upbeat quips.

hope they sort your spc out quickly.



Oh Poll, I have missed your posts but understand the need for a break. I got frustrated with the change over mainly as I really needed everyone’s advice and support whilst it was offline. I have had a UTI since the end of July. I am hoping I am going in the right direction at the moment as starting to feel more human. I have a Uro appointment at end of October will be my first. I hope you don’t have to wait too long it is not pleasant and really affects your life. Take care of yourself and big hugs Barney

Hi Poll,

Shazzie & I were just saying recently that we have all missed you sweetie - but I can understand that you need your space. Just don’t be a stranger.

Good luck with the Botox hun - if it were me, I’d ask them for a wee bit extra for the other end as well, smooth out all my wrinkles - and fingers crossed you get the plumbing sorted in the meantime. I know you still like to get out when you can and it must be frustrating.

Lots of hugs

JBK xxx

Missed you.

Things calming down on this site, it’s still very quiet but need to keep it going for the newbies.

Hope you get sorted out soon…

Jen x

Cheers everyone. So warming to see I`ve been missed.

Urine is flowing nicely into the bag now, thank goodness!

Still want to try botox.

luv Poll x


Hi Poll

Sorry you are having such problems, I hope they get it sorted sooner rather than later. So if you get the botox will you then not need the catheter? Sorry if that is a stupid question but I don’t know anything about botox other than people getting in their faces to iron out wrinkles or their arm pits and feet to stop sweating. Who knew it had so many uses.

Hope you are better soon.


Hi Poll

This board aint the same without you. We need to get the laughter back me reckons.

Keep popping in for chuff’s sake.

Shazzie xx

Hi yeh I will keep cath in place. Botox will calm bladder down.