Bladder Botox this week

Well, not long now. Thursday is Botox day. It’ll be 24 weeks to the day since the urologist told me he’d put me on the list as ‘urgent’ I didn’t expect to wait this long!

So, those of you that have it what shall I expect? All I know is that I have 20 injections under general anaesthetic, that it’s not immediately effective and it only lasts about three months.

How long will I be asleep? How soon after I wake up will they let me come home? How long before I notice a difference? What happens when it wears off, is it gradual?

Oh, and to all you mums out there hope you’ve been spoiled rotten by your offspring this Mothering Sunday.

Eve xx

Oh I’m so pleased it’s finally come.

Of course my experience is irrelevant to yours (i.e. didn’t need it, was pointless and done under local)!

But I’m glad yours has finally come about. I don’t understand why yours is expected to last only 3 months. I was told 2 years. That was of course a big fat fib. Since it was last summer and now I’ve had an SPC I’ve started having occasional bladder spasms!

I am so glad it’s finally happened for you Eve, I hope it does exactly what you want it to.

The only relevant bit of experience is that after the Botox there were no ill effects, no pain or anything untoward. It seems that the worst that can happen is that it won’t work. But that won’t be the case for you.

Life starts again.


Thanks for your support in these last few months and for today’s comment. There has been times while I’ve been waiting that ve been tempted to ring and tell them not to bother!

I’m cautiously optimistic that this might just change my life.

Love Eve xx

I’ve had it done 3 times now, the first under general and with a local after that.

The first time was under a general so they could have a good look round while they were in there! I was asleep for between 10 and 15 minutes. I went home about 2 hours afterwards. They put a lot of water in there while they do the procedure, unfortunately this meant I had 2 accidents before I left the hospital but no more after that.

It wears off gradually and I have it done approximately every 9 months, I’m waiting for the next appointment now. I think once you are in the system you get called automatically so you shouldn’t have a long wait again. In my case I know it’s wearing off as I want to go more often and can go naturally more easily.

I was very nervous when I was having it with a local for the first time but it really wasn’t that bad, a little uncomfortable but not painful. No accidents, presumably because there was still a bit of the old botox that was working.

I do ISC all the time. I didn’t at the beginning, if I remember rightly just before bed. However, when I saw the urologist a couple of months afterwards he advised to do it all the time rather than straining to go. Now, it’s just part of my routine and I do it 5-6 times a day, probably the same number of times as you’s normally go to the loo.

I think that covers it but if you have any more questions, just ask.

Sarah x

good luck chuck!


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Thanks Sarah that pretty much answers all my questions. I already SC five or six times a day so that’s no problem. I have urge incontinence, and my bladder doesn’t empty fully, so I’m going to the loo a dozen or more times a day and sometimes several times overnight, not to mention soggy pads several times a day. As meds and SC haven’t solved it, I’ve been offered the Botox.

Thanks for the info, it’s very reassuring.

Eve x