Bladder Botox

Hi all, going in on the 20th November to have my bladder Botoxed to try and help my frequency of going to the toilet.

Has anyone had it done? Does it work? Any advice, as it all seems rather strange to me. Still if it doesn’t work I might look a bit younger.

Ive had it 8 times i cant recamend it enough.It lasts some people a year but mine only lasts about 4months but still worth it.I hope it goes well for you. I dont know how it works but it does . take care jo

Ps its only your bladder that might look younger not your .jo

Hi I’ve just had it done, I found the procedure painful but the result was good . I know others have had it done, if you decide to go ahead with it ask all the questions, I didn’t know that they would use a rigid scope until I was gowned up and I found it agonizing, usually a flexible scope is used if you are awake and the rigid one only used under general. I will go ahead with it again because it has made a difference, I can sleep now I was up 10 times a night before. There are some side affects to be aware of , you may need to self cathetise for a while after. I have just started to be able to wee on my own again some of the time. Next time I have it I will insist on a flexible scope or have a general anaesthetic. Michelle and Frazer xx

Its easier for me Michelle because i have a supra pubic catheter.Im glad it has made a difference for you though and i hope itlasts a good few months jo

I’ve had it done 4 times and am waiting for an appointment for my next time. I have it done approximately every 9 months. I think it’s great, now I don’t get up at night at all! I self catheterise all the time but don’t find this a problem and at least you know you’re totally empty after you’ve done it.