Botox bladder

Hi all,

Finally had my bladder botoxed on Wednesday 13th December.

I had so much riding on this procedure, not having bladder control and leaking is not a good look or help with your self confidence.

Anyway, it does not appear to have worked. I the same as I was before the procedure.

Has anyone else had this?

I rang the consultant who done the procedure and he did not sound to sure and said let’s see what happens, come and see me in January.


Give it time Tony , They say after two weeks is the time when you notice the most difference. How did you find the procedure , did they put you to sleep. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi thanks for your reply. I will see how it goes.

No I was not put to sleep. All they done was put some anaesthetic Cream on and the inserted tubes to work on my bladder.

Not painful at all, just a bit uncomfortable but be happy to have it done again…if it works lol


It doesn’t work for everybody. Had it twice; both times effect was of short duration and not really much to shout about. I was supposed to get a higher dose on the second go but miscommunication meant I didn’t. Never found I could risk going without pads, which was the whole point, though for a while did not need as many. Took at least a couple of weeks for any improvement though; at first it was worse than before. After three months max, no appreciable benefit, and lots of intermittent catheterisations which brought its own problems. However, I have heard many reporting a positive outcome.

Hi Tony

I also had mine done on the 10th Januray can feel no difference

Urgency still here as well as bladder pain if I drink more than two drinks.

I rang the urologist she said urgency will hopeully go and cut out caffene and alcohol as the irate the bladder

I specifically asked would I need to reduce drinks she said no

And I had receved the maximum amount of botox allowed

I am at a loss


Hi, never been on here before but finally have given in. I have primary progressive ms and since I was diagnosed 19 years ago and slowly over the years I have had problems, hand does not work or fingers, I walk with a stick as I have little balance but my main problem is unable to hold myself going for a wee. I use pads but even they don’t work… I am on tablets but they don’t seem to be working. This is a really big problem for me. Does anyone else have this problem. Sometimes I won’t go out just incase.

Hi Lisa

Firstly, welcome to the forum, lots of. Lovely people here, always willing to listen, and offer advice when they can.

with regard to your question, are you under the care of a Continence Nurse, if not your GP, ms nurse or neuro can refer you, I think you can slf refer as well. I am sure they would offer some solution to help, have you thought about self catherising? They would definitely be your first port of call, have a chat with them, I am sure it would give you confidence to go out.

Look forward to seeing you here later, best wishes.

Pam x

Hi Lisa, welcome to the PPMS gang, yes bladder problems are the norm for us. If you start a new topic under PPMS, there’ll probably be lots more advice on your bladder problems.

Good luck, Chrissie