Botox for the bladder

Hi everyone,

im looking for advice. I’m having regular blockages with my SPC and bladder spasms. I’ve agreed with my GP to be referred for Botox in the bladder. How is it done and how long does it work for? Does it need to be re-done on a regular basis.

Any info will be great. Thanks in advance,

Jane X

Hi. I have Botox on my bladder and it’s transformed my life! I had urge incontinence, and problems with frequency and also not emptying fully. Learning to CISC and meds didn’t solve it.

It does have to be repeated though. The effects start to wear off gradually. It’s supposed to be effective for about nine months, but I’ve found it less than that.

I’ve had it twice now, both times under general anaesthetic and am currently waiting for it to be done again, I’m hoping within the next four weeks which will make it eight months since last time.

Next time he’s going to do it under local anaesthetic and tells me it’ll be a bit uncomfortable. Time will tell, but at least it cuts down the amount of time spent in hospital, and is no doubt cheaper for the NHS.

if you’ve any questions, please ask.

Morning Flowepot,

Thank you so much for the info. I didn’t realise anaesthetic was given. I hope it’s ok for you when you have it under local after having it under general. You’ll have to keep me informed.

again many thanks and all the very best, Jane X

I have it done regularly (every 6 months). The 1st time was under a general and since then by local. It’s a little uncomfortable but really not that bad. I think it was Flowerpot that I told I’d rather have Botox than a filling at the dentist.

It doesn’t take very long, less than half an hour from entering the theatre to leaving it. It might have been closer to 15 minutes!

I would imagine that the first time you have it done it would be under a general. They like to take the opportunity to have a good look round the bladder while they are in there!

Sarah x

Yes, you did thank you. I’m still waiting. I’ll give the waiting list office a ring in a day or two I think.


Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. I’ve got a consultation a week this Friday the 24th. I’m pleased things are moving in the right direction.

Again many thanks. Jane. X

I had it done last year Jane , often they do it first time with general anthestic I had mine done with local and found it very painful. It is usually fine according to others on here with just a little discomfort. If you have it done with local anaesthetic make sure that they use a flexible scope , for some reason they decided to use a rigid scope on me . They recommend having a general if they are using a rigid scope because of the pain . I hope that helps . Michelle and Frazer xx

Ooh thanks for the tip, Michelle, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m only having a consultation next Friday with my urologist but I will stress I want a flexible scope if I have a local.

Many many thanks. Jane X