Private Botox for bladder?

Hi all :slight_smile:

Im seriously at the end of my tether right now! I’ve peed so much today and yet stupidly I know- I’m barely drinking anything because im worried I won’t make it to the toilet:-(

so it’s after midnight and I’m up reading about food/drinks that are less irritating on the bladder because it’s driving me insane. Twice I’ve seen a bladder nurse who says I have a neurogenic bladder. She has requested from my gp that I learn self catheterisation so that’s a waiting game. She said that once I start doing that I can also try the medication.

However ive been reading about Botox- it’s just over £1000 fairly locally privately. Has any one else paid private and if so would you say this is a fair price?

Thankyou in advance


hi emma

you should be able to get botox through a referral to urology by your bladder nurse.

i self catheterise and take betmiga (mirabegron) as a medication.

i’m holding botox as my reserve plan.

get in touch with your bladder nurse and explain that it is urgent for you to learn self catheterisation.

something as ordinary as having a pee holds so many problems with ms!

one of the zillions of things i took for granted until ms came along.

even if you do end up having botox you will have to catheterise or you won’t be able to pee.

so get on the phone to the bladder nurse.

good luck

carole x

oh and don’t avoid drinking. water is neccessary for your bladder to function.

Thanks Carole

It seems to fall on deaf ears if I talk about this at home, so I’m very grateful to be able to share my thoughts here and have someone will be the 3rd time I’ve tried to make an appointment with my gp as bladder nurse has sent referrals over and he needs to give the go ahead.

thanks for your advice

have a good day x

you’re very welcome. i remember all the advice i had here when first diagnosed. xx

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Hi Emma, I was having the same problems as you and was taking 2different tablets to stop this happening with not much luck, I also have a spc fitted but on my bad days it seemed to make no difference to me as I was bypassing and suffering awful bladder spasms, I have just had my 1st lot of Botox in bladder,(yesterday)which they say takes about 2wks to work so hopefully it’s sorted out,ask to be referred to the urologist asap it’s no fun wetting yourself!! I did try self catheterisation but got quite a few uti infections, I must admit I have had a few problems with my spc, but honestly I’m glad I have it.

Lets hope you get it sorted out quickly.

Best wishes.


Hi Emma,

I think that your GP will have to authorise the cost of the speedicaths. It will be your bladder nurse who will teach you the process. Sounds awful but it really is dead easy once you get the hang of it. My main problem is increased UTIs especially during my period.

Tablets help I tried a couple before settling on tolteridine.

Agree with Carol to chase the bladder nurse

hope things have progressed

good luck

Min x

Hi, I’ve just seen these last 2 messages Thankyou for your replies I was having a bad time with it when I considered the Botox as I was desperate, some days worse than others but I’m starting self catheterising in a few weeks and have a prescription of tolteridone to start too Thankyou