Botox Injection


I am having bladder issues and am looking to see if anyone else has the same issue and if so did the botox injection help to stop or make things more controllable . it seems to when walking or when my muscles tighten i get the sudden urge to use the loo which as you can guess can cause embaressment .


Hi duane

I had the botox injections back in july i got to say its the best thing ive ever done. I feel like i have abit of my life back i couminutes 5 minutes without going to the toliet earlier I went out for an hr and half and didnt have to go once. There is one problem with though been suffering with bladder infection one after the next turns out my bladder isnt emptying fully now however there are more positives than negatives definitely recommend. Hope this helps xx

Hi Duane,

I have bladder probs too which have lead to a few accidents - I can be happily sitting watching tv and decide that I need to go to loo and as soon as I stand up it just starts to just pour from me - takes me so long to get to toilet due to mobility problems - that doesn’t help. I’ve tried lots of different meds and all seem to help a little bit but lately things have become worse and I’m taking two different meds but they don’t seem to be helping much.

My bladder isn’t emptying fully either and I have been told to expect to have to self catherise - botox was mentioned a while ago but I’m not sure if it is still an option.

I dread self catherisation although it seems that once you get the hang of it that it does help greatly.

Have a urology appoint in Jan - see what they say then.

Good luck with botox Duane - keep us posted

Marie x

I haven’t had botox yet - my appointment to get it is on 26th January. I am counting the days. I know someone else with MS who had it and she is very enthusiastic. You will have to self-catheterise if you have it. I already do this sometimes to give me longer between trips to the loo but I still often start weeing before I’m sitting on the loo. I will post again once I have had the botox. If you think you want it you should go to your GP sooner rather than later - for me there was a wait of a couple of weeks for an appointment with a consultant and then more than a month’s wait for the procedure.

Botox has been fantastic for me and I would recommend it to anyone-it’s definitely worth a go. I have had 2 lots of Botox, I had it under local anesthetic both times, as I was worried that a General would cause me more problems. I still worry about my bladder-when you live with problems for too long it is hard to change-but the urgency and frequency is immensely reduced and self catheterising is easy once you know how and it becomes part of ‘normal’ life. It has been brilliant and I can’t recommend it enough.

I hope you decide to get some botox in 2014 as it gave me back my life and hopefully it would do the same for you.

Good luck for 2014.


Hi all,

Was just speaking to my urology nurse today about possible botox injections. She said that I might have tp self catherise for a while after having injection but when botox settles down I may not have to do it long term.

Has anybody been this lucky?

Are you prone to infection with self catherising?


Like I said earlier would definitely recommend it. I dont self catherise was never told I would need to. The infections are because my bladder doesnt empty fully apparently so looks like im gonna have to start self cathertising now xx


I’m a bit the opposite, been doing intermettent self cathererisation for several years - wow it totally changed my life for the better. OK I’m a bloke so ISC is easier. Doing ISC you must be careful, yes you are prone to a UTI. Talk to your MS Nurse who will tell you the symptoms and do keep a course of antibiotics to hand. If in doubt you can get a urine sample tested at the doctor’s surgery, results can come back the same day.

Quite often the bladder leaks a tiny bit before I get to the loo so I’m going to try botox bcause I have been told it even stops messy little things like that.

Good luck,



I’ve got a severely wonky bladder. I used to get no notice that I needed to go and I could only drink water anything else used to go straight through me. I was already self catheterizing which was helping a bit and taking medication but I was basically incontinent.

Botox is the best thing ever. It really changed my life. I can now go out without knowing where the toilet is I don’t have to wear pads or worry about smelling of wee, sorry I know it’s not a nice thing to say but it happens. Im catheterizing all the time and it’s really not so bad, much much better than incontinence and constant infections. I was that excited when I wasn’t leaking anymore I told pretty much everybody. I’m on a mission to stop people being embarrassed it’s not as if I couldn’t be bothered to be toilet trained. Like it or not me is part of me and wonky bladder is part of my ms.

I’ve had 4 lots now under General anaesthetic 3 lots lasted a year and one six months. Don’t be worried it could make a huge difference to you.


Dawn its so nice too hear im not the only 1 everything you just said relates to me im on the first lot of injections im 5 months in but haven’t got the confidence to go out without pads yet but from reading your post I might get there 1 day

Dawn thanks for that - and I know what you mean about the smelly wee =(

Botox treatment had changed my life. Earlier I was suffering from worst bladder infection. Often feels to go for loo and feels pain during urine pass. As condition worsens I was forced to wear pads as the urine will pass even without my knowledge. It smells very bad and I feel very shy to go in before others. Tried many meds but can’t give a proper relief. My cousin who had completed training from The Aesthetic Advancement, Canada told me about Botox injection. Even though without much hope I tried it. The result was so good that I’m now completely free from bladder problems. You can also try it and it will surely give you relief.